jogging – What You Can Gain From Jogging

Anyone who has ever jogged knows – even if they have tormented themselves – after running at the latest: you feel better, if not even happy. On the one hand, because you have overcome your inner weakness, on the other hand, because your body releases happiness hormones. It also stimulates circulation, stimulates metabolism, strengthens the immune system, and relieves stress. These are all factors that speak for running in addition to losing weight while jogging. And now, of course, there is another big but: so that you can reduce your weight quickly and effectively, you should slowly but surely increase your running pace and duration after a few weeks. Because your body gets used to the training very quickly, the performance is stopped if you do not increase the stimuli.

Properly Equipped Before The First Run

The most important accessories when jogging are the shoes: When running, your feet must have enough freedom of movement – for this reason, the jogging shoes should always be half a size to a full size larger than the street shoes you wear in everyday life. In addition, the fit and the rolling movement of your feet also play an important role during the fitting: you can only walk optimally in them if your feet are properly supported and can roll properly. On the other hand, when it comes to clothing, you have complete freedom in terms of size, color, and length. However, pay attention to breathable materials that transport sweat to the outside. This applies to running shorts, T-shirts and functional underwear, and socks equally.

Jogging With A Stroller? No Problem!

Young parents often neglect the topic of sport because they don’t find the time for it. But especially when jogging, running can be optimally combined with the child – all you need is a sports buggy called jogger or buggy runner. In contrast to an ordinary stroller, it only has three wheels: two at the back and one at the front. This makes the buggy more suitable for off-road use to push the car on field and forest paths and paved roads without any problems. Apart from that, you automatically train your arms as well. Before jogging, there are a few things to consider:

Due to the additional load, you should initially run more slowly so that your body can get used to the additional weight and you are not out of breath as quickly.

Always buckle up your child so that they are secured at any speed and cannot fall out of the stroller even on uneven stretches.

So that you don’t get back pain when jogging with the sports buggy, the handrail of the stroller should always be waist-high.

If you want to jog a long time, you should combine your run with your child’s nap – then both sides benefit.

In the cold months, your child must always be wrapped up warm so that they do not start to freeze. You get warm while running, but this does not apply to the passenger.

Take only the bare essentials for your children, such as something to drink or a small snack and a spare diaper. The more ballast you stow in the buggy, the heavier it becomes.

On sunny days, remember to rub your child’s skin with sunscreen – this is especially true in the warm summer months.

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