Understanding The Fundamentals Of Eyelid Drooping Treatment

Ptosis or Inward folding eyelids is the most commonly found issue these days. In the case of Ptosis, what happens is that the patient suffering from such a disease cannot tend to open their upper eyelid normally. It adversely affects the vision many times. It either completely normal vision or can limit the vision.

The issue of Ptosis is commonly found in children and Adults. But, fortunate enough there is treatment to cure such an issue to improve vision as well as appearance.

Can A Child Get Infected With Ptosis?

Many times, children are born with Ptosis, which is often termed as congenital Ptosis. This causes several other eye-related issues like eye movement issues, eye muscle issues, and even tumors. A child infected with Ptosis is subject to vision risks. A child with Ptosis can have blurry vision.

Adults With Ptosis

Adults also get infected with Ptosis. It is often termed as involutional Or acquired Ptosis. It takes place when the levator muscle stretches or separates away from the eyelid. Major reasons why this issue occurs in any adult are aging or an eye injury. In the rarest of rare cases, tumors can affect the eyelid muscle, thus causing Ptosis.

What Is The Procedure Of Ptosis Surgery?

The treatment for Inward folding eyelids [ชั้น ตา หลบ ใน, which is the term in Thai] is always a surgery.

  • Individuals who are diagnosed with acquired Ptosis are often prescribed oxymetazoline which helps the muscle that raises the eyelid. It is a new type of prescribed eye drop made available in the market.
  • Ptosis surgery is done with the use of local anesthesia with sedation. After this, the surgeon makes an opening in the skin of the upper eyelid. Using this method, the surgeon tends to find the small muscle that raises the eyelid. Then, stitches are placed to tighten the muscle and raise the eyelid.
  • The surgery can also be performed from underneath the eyelid. In such a case, the surgeon slips the eyelid and tightens the muscle from underneath. No skin incision is required for this method.

Be sure to seek assistance from expert professionals to gain complete knowledge about the aspects of Inward folding eyelid treatment and surgery.

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