Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme Policy: Why You Should Purchase It?

Health and safety should be everyone’s priority. You have to secure yourself and your family members all the time. Incidents happen unintentionally. Be prepared at all times, yet finances will be your next concern.

To lessen the burden on finances, the government improved the access to private healthcare that offers all insurance plans. Consumers can enjoy vhis policy offer on all types of insurance plans.

What does VHIS mean?

VHIS means Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme Policy offers insurance schemes financed through private health premiums, in which the policyholder enjoys the coverage under the contract issued by the insurer. The insurance scheme is signed by both parties (insurer and policyholder), an agreement between them. The agreement covers the policyholder paying the company money and in exchange, the company will pay for the cost when an accident happens.

VHIS certified plans

VHIS is a policy run by the Health Bureau to handle indemnity hospital insurance plans. The policy is offered to people by insurance companies. The participation of the consumers and insurance companies is voluntary. The participating insurance companies under VHIS offer certified individual indemnity hospital insurance plans for consumers to purchase voluntarily.

The main problem why many people don’t agree with purchasing it is because they think that it is another expense. But, this should not be the thinking since the aim of VHIS is to ensure future finances in case of mishaps and accidents.

Objectives of VHIS?

The objectives of VHIS are:

  1. It improves the protection level of hospital insurance products
  2. It provides the public with the extra benefits of using private healthcare services through hospital insurance
  3. It relieves the pressure on the public healthcare system as long as you are a member

The coverage of VHIS

VHIS insurance plan covers hospital insurance protection of indemnity purchased by people for themselves and their families. Indeed, VHIS covers your finances in time of hospitalization or medication due to the injury you suffered from an accident.

VHIS claimable amount

An estimate of the amount to claim under the VHIS policy is provided before the insured person will receive medical services. When your VHIS coverage includes supplementary medical benefits, the preliminary assessment is completed.

Who qualifies for a VHIS claim?

Many are asking if anyone can qualify for the VHIS claim. Anyone can be qualified for the VHIS claim as long as you are a member or policyholder. But, there is a take before you qualify to get the claim. You need to provide the history of what happened in the incident to have a clear record for getting the claim.

Although there are some incidents like you are not at fault, yet the policy holds the claim, it is understandable since they want to investigate what had happened and it involves the estimation of the claim.

Your take here is that purchasing VHIS is protecting yourself and your family members from possible medical expenses. People don’t hold their lives, incidents may happen and that is not intended. So, it is better to secure yourself and your family from possible financial situations.

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