Great Opportunities With Making the Frenchies Wonderful Pets

With a plump and small body, the French Pug seems to be a muscular and compact. The height at the withers is about 30 cm and they weigh between 8 and 14 kilos. However, a characteristic that distinguishes this breed are the upright bat ears, the angular head, as well as the short snout and tail. The coat is smooth and without sub-layer and according to official standards the coat can have different shades. Thus, we find French Bulldogs with shades ranging from black to white, passing through the fawn and brindle with or without white spots.

French bulldog: A Recent Breed with Ancient Roots

The Frenchie Dog belongs to the family of molossos dogs. This family also includes the Pug, the Dogue de Bordeaux or French Mastiff and the English Mastiff. Dogue type dogs are the ancestors of this breed. However, the development of the French bulldog breed only started in the second half of the 19th century. And so it can be said that this is a very recent breed. Furthermore, experts are not in agreement about the breeds that gave rise to the French bulldog. One of the direct ancestors of this breed is thought to be the little English bulldog that English weavers took with them when traveling to Normandy.

The English bulldog was created for dog fights, as well as for fighting bulls. In fact, the origin of his name is related to this practice bull means bull in English. After the prohibition of this terrible practice, the breeding of all dog breeds changed. From then on, these burly big eyes became primarily pet animals.

French bulldog: A Popular Breed

It is considered that the French Bulldog were initially crossed with Terriers. These crossings will have been carried out by hunters, but for a short period of time. Crossings with Pug dogs will also have happened. In 1880 the first French bulldog club was created in Paris. However, when some specimens of French Bulldogs were brought to the United Kingdom, they were classified as English Bulldogs, as there were no standards that could define the French breed. French bulldog standards were established in 1888. The recognized patriarch of the breed is the famous male Loupi, who is mentioned in almost every book on the genealogy of this breed.

It was mainly in Paris that this breed received special attention. The French bulldog became very popular with dog lovers who had no means of purchasing dogs of more expensive breeds. However, the unusual appearance and the friendliness of the French Bulldogs won the European nobility.

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