5 reasons entrepreneurs should choose WordPress to launch a business website 

Entrepreneurs need to be frugal when it comes to investing in digital assets. Especially if it’s their own business website. However, being frugal is no excuse to skip researching for better web hosting if or when one decides to launch a website. For instance, it is not advisable to purchase a cheap hosting plan that pops up while searching for WordPress Hosting. This is because low cost should not be the only factor to choose a WordPress Plan. In addition to cost, there are several other reasons why WordPress as a hosting service is a better option compared to other services. With this article, we shed light upon 5 myriad reasons to do so. So, without wasting much time, let’s deep dive into this-

Reduces operational costs
Hosting services come with resource costs such as system admins, database administrators etc. In case your hosting services are being mishandled, there is a good chance that hidden costs are getting accrued. By deploying WordPress Hosting, you will be able to get rid of all these costs because a WordPress website can be self managed. Moreover, WordPress as a community is huge world over and the number of available resources that exist in case of any problems, can be solved instantly. So all in all, consider this as an advantage since nothing goes out of your pocket.

Facilitates great server uptime
Server uptime is crucial when it comes to doing a business online. Let us say, you are running a promotional campaign in a month,  offering your product or service at a discounted rate. There is a chance that you will experience a large number of visitors coming to your website to check out these offers. In such cases, if your website does not have the capacity to take the load of a huge traffic, chances are that your website will go down. A great server uptime ensures quality and safety when it comes to large traffic on your website. WordPress Hosting will ensure your server up-time is healthy. An indicator of good server uptime is anywhere between the range of 98 % to 99.9%.

Freedom to choose your own domain name
WordPress hosting allows anyone to choose a domain name of their choice as compared to other Hosting providers who restrict the same. This may affect the identity of a business online. Also, since small and medium businesses that are formed today are in the space of new ideas, it is imperative that they have domain names that do justice to their business. Which is why WordPress Hosting becomes a preferred destination for them.

Provides strong security
Every business worries about its network security. No matter the amount of effort put into making the server and network secure against hackers and intruders, it is tough to make it full proof. With WordPress Hosting, you minimize the chances of threats since the updates on security software happen automatically. The regular updates made by WordPress block all the suspicious files that can enter your system to avoid security breach, if any.


Wider reach
Getting global visibility is the aim for most startups. What could make this possible is a friendly and multilingual website. With WordPress hosting, this vision can come to fruition. You can translate pages, posts, categories and themes into different languages without setting multi sites or separate WordPress installs. In addition to this, you can also leverage some great SEO tools like Yoast, SEMRush, etc. to optimize the WordPress website’s search engine. This can further the reach of the website. 

In closing

Launching your first business website is not always easy. But WordPress Hosting as a service takes those early jitters away rather easily. There are many startup websites powered by WordPress doing well in the market. One such provider who has enabled startups to get online quickly with WordPress hosting is Bluehost. They offer managed services for WordPress at discounted rates.

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