6 Essentials features to look out for in smart security cameras

 One of the essential items that are needed for the safety and security of your home and property is a security camera. Smart security cameras are available in a wide array of sizes, specifications, and features. If you are thinking about the installation of a security camera, you need to take certain factors into consideration.

In this article, we will let you know about the best features that you need to look for in a smart security camera:

Motion sensor

The importance of motion sensors in smart security cameras can never be ignored. This is especially important if you want to record something suspicious going around your home. Rather than recording 24X7, a motion sensor will inform you as soon there is suspicious activity on your property. In fact, spending an additional amount can also enable you to get an audio-sensing camera. But, motion-sensing features are a must when you are purchasing security cameras.

Two-way audio

The security cameras that you are purchasing should also have two-way-communication features. With this, you can easily communicate with the other person who is at your door. In addition to this, you can also notify an intruder that security people and police are on their way. So, two-way audio systems in security cameras offer convenience as well as the probability of an incident.

Field of view

Angle and the field of view is another major factor that you need to check when purchasing smart security cameras. The viewing angle of the camera will determine where you have to position the camera and what is the direction in the area in which the camera will see the intruder. A camera with a narrow view will capture less but will help you in getting wider details.

Quality of video

You don’t need smart security cameras just for the sake of having a camera. It is also important to make sure that the camera offers better recording resolutions. Make sure to purchase a security camera with a minimum of 720p resolution. Anything better than 720p will work well. In addition to this, when you have High Definition camera resolution make sure that you have better bandwidth or else there is no point in having an HD camera that doesn’t work.

Power source

Most security cameras can be plugged into a standard outlet. This means it can be literally placed and installed anywhere you want. But, some cameras are also battery operated. Try to look for a camera that can operate on both power sources. This way, you get better flexibility of use and your camera will work 24X7.


One of the biggest worries about homeowners is to store the recording of the camera. No matter how much you try, you can’t get a device that can store the 24X7 recordings of the camera. Thus, make sure to choose a camera with a cloud storage facility.

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