Beginners Guide To Growing Vegetables On A Balcony

Growing your vegetables requires hard work as well as patience. It might seem easy at first but as you delve deeper, you realize that there is more to it than what you initially thought. We are here to present you with options that will help you grow vegetables on an apartment balcony.


Tomatoes are among the easiest options to start with. All you need is five to six hours of sunlight and you wouldn’t need to buy those red vegetables from the supermarket anymore. You can grow a dwarf tomato if the size is a constraint. Otherwise, a regular-sized tomato can also be grown there.


Like tomatoes, beans can also be easily grown on your apartment balcony with help of sunlight. You will also need a deep pot and some sticks or rods for the climbers to get support on. A decent crop of beans (of all varieties) can be ready to harvest within a few weeks.


A large deep pot and lots of sunlight with fertilizer are enough to grow peppers. The fertilizer should only be given till the time the plant can produce the fruit. There are numerous varieties of pepper that are conducive to this kind of environment. This makes it a perfect option when you are looking to grow vegetables on an apartment balcony (ปลูก ผัก ระเบียง คอน โด, Which is the term in Thai).


Radishes have a good speed of growth and then can grow well in containers of all sizes depending on the variety you want. Make sure to provide adequate space between two radishes so that they get adequate space to grow. The usual time taken to harvest a radish can be anywhere between one and two months. You can grow almost any variety of radish, except for the large ones found in farms.


Carrots can also grow in containers provided you have the right variety. Standard-sized carrots need more room to grow so they are not an option for containers. But smaller varieties are always a good option. The container needs to be deep enough to support its roots. Overwatering the plant will be a huge mistake as it will cause more damage.


The experience of growing vegetables on your balcony is priceless. Not only it allows you to get Mother Nature in your home but it also saves a ton of money that you would have otherwise spent in the supermarket. We hope that our list of vegetables will help you use your apartment balcony judiciously.

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