Facing assault charges in Vancouver: Hire the right lawyer!

Assault refers to any act, where one person (the accused) applies force on another (the victim), without consent. This is among the commonly-pressed charges of the Criminal Code of Canada. Assault may also refer to attempts or threats to apply force on another person, or to accosting and impeding. If you have been charged with assault, one of the first steps is to contact an experienced Vancouver criminal defence lawyer. In this post, we are sharing more on how a criminal lawyer can help and ways to select the right one. 

How can a criminal lawyer help?

The consequences of assault charges, if convicted, can turn your life upside down. A criminal lawyer can help you understand your rights and options better. They will first listen to your side of the story, and based on that, they will review the assault charges for free. It is important to talk to a lawyer as soon as possible, so that you don’t sign something that you don’t know about or make a statement which can impact your case. The first meeting with a criminal defense lawyer is usually for free, and they will investigate the matter on their own, to ensure that there is enough evidence for your case. They will also take necessary legal action that will come in handy for protecting your rights. 

Tips to select a criminal defense lawyer in Vancouver

  1. First and foremost, ensure that the lawyer is an experienced one. Not all lawyers in private practice have experience with criminal law, and more importantly, the attorney you choose must have handled cases with charges similar to yours. Don’t shy away from asking questions in this regard, and if needed, get references.   
  2. Next, check if the criminal defense lawyer is available for your case. At many big firms, the case may be handed over to a junior, who may not have the same kind of expertise, but you are paying the fat price anyway. Ensure that the lawyer gives you a fair idea of the outcome after knowing the details, and they should also explain their approach. 
  3. Know the fee of your lawyer. In Canada, criminal defense lawyers don’t work on a contingency basis. You will either pay a block charge, or an hourly fee. In addition to that, there could be additional costs for the case, so ask about that, as well. 

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