Five cheapest places to buy property in Kent

5. Tunbridge Wells

Approximately30 miles south-east of central London in western Kent is the town of Tunbridge Wells. It is very close to East Sussex and also on the northern edge of the High Weald. This is an area which is known for its sandstone geology and proof of this is the rock formations at places such as High Rocks and also Wellington Rocks. In the past this town was a spa and it was a popular resort especially during the mid-1700s. One of the primary attractions was the chalybeate spring. However times changed because more people started to make use of the surrounding beaches. Even so Tunbridge Wells remains popular and it has a thriving tourism industry. Apartments can be purchased for approximately 85,000 pounds.

4. Folkestone

In south-east England in Kent along the English Channel is the port town of Folkestone. There are many owners here looking to sell property quickly. The town lies in a valley between two cliffs on the southern edge of the North Downs. Over the last 200 years Folkestone continued to be a very important shipping port. This area has been occupied since the Mesolithic era. According to history a nunnery was established in this location in the seventh century. It was only during the 13th century that Folkestone started to develop into a seaport and eventually a harbor was constructed during the early 19th century. This was further expanded after the arrival of the railway in 1843. An apartment can cost about 80,000 pounds.

3. East Malling

In Kent in the borough of Tonbridge and Malling is a parish by the name of East Malling. There is also a West Malling which is just over 2 miles from East Malling. Other towns in the region are Rochester and Maidstone. This area covers approximately 4.16 square miles and is located in the middle of a fruit-growing region and there is also hop fields. Nevertheless the residential areas have been expanding in recent years. The parish also has two churches. One of them is dedicated to the Holy Trinity and the other to St James the Great. There is also a Methodist church in the region. An apartment will cost 63,000 pounds for a quick sale to a property cash buyer.

2. Hythe

On the south coast of Kent in the district of Folkestone and Hythe and on the edge of Romney Marsh is the coastal market town of Hythe. This is a very old English word which simply means landing place or haven. This is an old town which has many Georgian and mediaeval buildings. There is also a church of Saxon/Norman origin. In the distant past Hythe enjoyed the protection of two castles with the names of Lympne and Saltwood. Another important landmark is the town hall which was constructed in 1794. An apartment will cost 61,000 pounds.

1. Margate

On England’s southeast coast is the town of Margate which is popular because of its sandy beach. One of the popular attractions in the area is the Turner Contemporary art gallery where there are frequent exhibitions. Margate also has an amusement park which is known as Dreamland where people can enjoy vintage rides. People can also visit the Margate Museum which is located in a former police station and there are many displays relating to the local history. If you want to pay cash for a quick sale, an apartment will cost approximately 50,000 pounds.

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