Five most expensive places to buy property in Cornwall

5. Padstow

For property cash buyers in Cornwall, on the north coast is the fishing port and also the town of Padstow. The River Camel estuary is a next to the town of Padstow. Newquay and Bodmin are both 10 miles from Padstow while Wadebridge is only 5 miles away. Approximately 3000 people are living in Padstow. They are interesting geology which can be seen in the low plateau south of Padstow and this has resulted in unique features such as Tregudda Gorge where erosion has occurred along the subterranean fault line. Because of this erosion a sheer cliff has formed. There is also the Marble Cliffs with its interesting black and white strata. Luxury mansions can cost 2.3 million pounds.

4. Bude

You will find the seaside town of Bude in north east Cornwall where the civil parish of Bude-Stratton is located at the mouth of the River Neet. In times past it was known as Bude Haven. It is lying along the A3073 road and other towns in the region are Widemouth Bay, Poughill, Flexbury and Stratton. It was once an important harbor and the sea sand in the region was also used to improve the inland soil. It was also a popular seaside resort in Victorian times. With the expansion of the railway system Bude became increasingly popular as a seaside destination over the last couple of decades to sell property quickly for cash. An upmarket villa can cost 2.5 million pounds.

3. Mawgan Porth

In north Cornwall is the small settlement and beach town of Mawgan Porth. It is on the Atlantic Ocean coast not far from Newquay or Watergate Bay. This settlement is part of the civil parish of Mawgan-in-Pydar. It is not far from where the River Menalhyl runs into the sea and at the seaward end of the Vale of Lanherne. Mawgan Porth is sometimes preferred over other beaches such as Watergate Bay because it is usually less crowded and this is why it attracts many of the local surfers and swimmers. A mansion can cost approximately 2.7 million pounds.

2. Mevagissey

There is a fishing port and a village in Cornwall by the name of Mevagissey. It is very close to St Austell and has a population of just over 2000 people. Mevagissey lies in small valley with a view over Mevagissey Bay. There is both an outer and inner harbor which is quite busy because it is home to working fishing boats as well as pleasure vessels. There is a very vibrant fishing industry and in fact Mevagissey is the second biggest fishing port in Cornwall. This little village is known for its narrow streets along which there are many shops as well as places to eat. It is primarily focused at the tourist trade. A luxury villa can cost 3 million pounds.

1. Launceston

In Cornwall there is a civil parish and ancient borough and this town is known as Launceston. It is very close to the River Tamar which is a major part of the border between Cornwall and Devon. This region is particularly steep especially at the south-western knoll topped by Launceston Castle. The main routes no longer pass through the town center but rather through the outskirts. One of the attractions in the area is the Launceston Steam Railway narrow gauge heritage railway which is popular among tourists especially during the summer months. Valuable properties in the area can cost as much as 7,000,000 pounds. It will be a little cheaper if you are a property cash buyer for a quick sale.

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