Friends are always special in our life, it doesn’t matter if we talk to them daily or not. A person who is always there for us, ready to hear out all our problems and solve them efficiently. Sometimes, there are certain things that we can’t share with our family. These are the times when we go running to our friends because nobody understands us better than them. These friends always make sure that we smile, no matter what. Such people are really hard to get, and once you get them, they should be treasured for life. We shouldn’t let go of any chance to make them feel special and make them laugh! They need to know that they are special in our lives, and we get immensely happy when we see them smiling and laughing, so candidly!

With friendship day around the corner, let us put a smile on their faces with some amazing gifts. But again, what’s the fun in being ordinary! We have to do something special for them. Our gifts should be unique, which will remind them of us and it should always put a smile on their face! It should make them laugh, yet make them feel special. After all, the relationship we share with our friends is very special! It is all laughs and fun. They are the closest thing that reminds us of our childhood, so it is fine to be silly with them! So, we should go with some funny gifts, that will make them laugh, and merry at the same time! Worry not, we have sorted out some really funny gifts for friends that you can go with for friendship day. These are:

  • Poop emoji slippers: Honestly, this can be the best gift to make them laugh! Poop emojis are really funny and when they come in slipper format, you just can’t stop laughing out loud! This can be the best gift for your friend to make them laugh!
  • Bunny magic ears hat: Now this can be really cute and funny. Bunnies are cute, and your friend will look absolutely cute in those magic bunny ears. So, you can consider this option.
  • Sholay movie coaster: This can be really good if your friend is an ardent Bollywood fan. Sholay is a movie that symbolizes the friendship between Jay and Veeru. That can be a symbolic gift as well. And of course, the movie has some comical scenes, so it will be funny as well!
  • Fries before guys: For all the girl best friends, this will make an amazing gift! They can write down whatever they want in the diary and this quote is appropriate if your friend is a foodie!
  • Sheep stools: Some cute sheep-shaped stools can be cute! It will look good in their home as well. It’s a unique idea!

So, these were some unique gift ideas for your friends, which are funny and will make them laugh! This friendship day, let us make it special by making them laugh with these funny, yet cute gifts!