Get Familiar with Some Important Digital Marketing Components

Digital marketing refers to promotional activities appearing on tablets, desktops, phones, and other devices. It can be in a variety of forms including social media posts, online videos, and display ads. According to a survey, 26% of the population is online almost constantly. 31% of mobile users are online consistently. Marketers and advertisers need to leverage the digital arena with an online advertising campaign to create brand awareness and generate leads and revenue. 

Digital marketing includes strategies like SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, PPC ad campaigning, affiliate marketing, and email marketing. Busy Fox is a well-established digital marketing company with lots of effective online marketing campaigns under its belt. You will come across during consultation with the expert SEO team many digital marketing components.

Some digital marketing components to understand for success


Your business website is at the forefront of your online business. You gain independence to brand yourself and connect meaningfully with a target audience. Your online marketing activities need to direct towards your website from where the audience will be gently pushed down the sales funnel. So, create a website that defines your brand and brand message!

Online lead generation

The website is designed to convert visitors into leads. If traffic on your website does not convert the purpose of having a site is useless. Online marketing aims to drive as many audiences as possible towards your website and take action like contact you or email you. It reveals their interest in your brand. 

Conversion rate optimization

Conversion rate means the site traffic percentage that transforms into the lead. For example, if there were 100 visitors on your website and 3 of them contacted you, which means the conversion rate is 3%. CRO aims to enhance this conversion rate via adding offers, discounts, CTCs, etc., and turning the 3% into 5% or 7%. 

Marketing analytics

Gain familiarity with different measurement tools and metrics. These allow your digital marketing campaign to progress in the right direction. Common terms used for website traffic analysis are –

  • Users [more users = more lead = more sales]
  • Session duration [high session duration = more engagement]
  • Bounce rate [high bounce rate = lack of engagement]

Content marketing

It is a crucial digital marketing component as it offers an opportunity to share valuable information with audiences. Content marketing provides helpful information to the target market, who considers your brand credible and you as authoritative personnel in your niche. 


Search engine optimization is a method that uses search engines like Google to drive visitors to your site. SEO brings organic traffic free via niche relevant keyword search. 

Pay per click ads

PPC is a paid form of search engine marketing. Google Ads rank on top of organic search results but each click generated comes at a cost even if the click does not transform into a lead. PPC campaigns are designed for instant visibility and results, while SEO takes time to kick in yet offers long-term benefits free. 

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