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How to sell your house quickly without an agency? Whether it is a house, land or an apartment, it is quite possible to sell without an agency. The latter acts as a “facilitator” but is not essential. In the case of a long sale, the question of getting help arises less because time is not pressing but what about when you’re in a hurry to sell? To sell your property quickly without using a real estate agent, you need to be organized and above all available. You will have to do all the steps yourself:

  • To find the buyer: setting the selling price, writing and distributing the ad, showcasing your home, taking photos, visits from potential buyers, etc.
  • To finalize the sale: drafting and signing of the promise to sell (unilateral promise or compromise of sale), negotiation of the conditions of sale, making an appointment with the notary for the signing of the final deed, etc.

You need to be more particular to prepare the visits that you will give to potential buyers. You must know the surface area of all the rooms, the energy performance, the amount of the annual charges, the orientation, and the possibilities of expansion. You will be able to inform visitors and better sell your property to them. If you are wondering as ‘Sell My Home San Diego’ then it is for sure that you can have the best results there.

Don’t Be Too Intrusive.

If a buyer asks you questions, of course you have to answer them. On the other hand, give him time to project himself and apprehend the place. Finally, be responsive. You have to do the work of the real estate agency. Thus, if a buyer needs additional information or gives you an appointment for the signing of a promise of sale, do everything possible to respond favorably.

If you cannot make yourself available for the signing of the sales agreement or the final deed of sale, you can give power of attorney to a relative. The latter can represent you and sign the deed of sale for you.

How to Sell Your House Quickly?

We have previously seen the essential steps to quickly sell your apartment or house. In addition to these, there are less common but equally useful tips:

Deal with seasonality: certain periods are more conducive to real estate purchases. The best season to sell your property is spring: indeed, most transactions are made between April and June. But it can be advantageous to postpone your sale in summer because the competition is less fierce. Likewise, favor the times of the day when your house benefits from good light for your visits.

Make people want with quality photos: beautiful photos are essential to sell a house quickly. You need to have quality interior and exterior photos. The environment is also very important. The photos are one of the main reasons why the buyer will come for the visit.

Contact an online agent: this new type of real estate agent can be the solution if you want to sell your property very quickly and easily. The agent promise: buy your property within 48 hours. After having filled in the information on your property, you will receive a first offer online, and then set an appointment for the passage of an expert, who will estimate your property even more precisely. Following this, you will receive a firm purchase offer. If you accept it, the sale of your property can be made within 1 month maximum. They charge you 7-20% of the sale price.

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