How is It Wise to Not Have Installed the Dummy Cameras?

Deterring crimes is the biggest advantage you can scoop out of the CCTV cameras. Watching over people and catching them red-handed is why you need a CCTV camera installation. However, some people even do not risk their budgets and install dummy cameras instead. These are the fake ones looking the real ones and come with lesser benefits than the advantages.

Easily Identifiable

Though at a first glance you will find the dummy cameras looking much similar to the original ones, experienced people and users known how well to identify which one of them is fake. The biggest hint and indicator for you to identify it is the red blinking light which is meant to radiate the impression that the camera is recording. But it is the very first sign to prove that the camera is nothing but a fake. Another sign to catch the originality of the camera is to check its movement. The movement might seem normal in the beginning but gradually its movement will show the randomness and it will be understood how it is not tracking anything. Identifying them has become so easy that deterring crime for long will be difficult.

Legal Guidelines

The real camera installations come with certain legal guidelines and these dummy cameras also need to follow them. Others are to be notified when the cameras are getting used and you need to be careful to not point the cameras towards the private properties. Installation of fake cameras is only an added hassle with the least amount of benefits getting reaped out of it.

No Protection

This is the biggest reason why it is advisable to not have these cameras installed. They lack any protection or security and leave you unsafe. The crimes might yet happen if the cameras are caught to be fake. There might also arise the need to show proof of certain incidents taking place but then you will not have anything to show resulting in workplace conflicts.

Legal Liabilities

There could be various other liabilities because they create a fake sense of security in people’s minds and mostly mislead them.

There are multiple companies manufacturing dummy cameras and getting sale offers or newsletters from them will be nothing but phishing vulnerability to you and your business. Avoiding these attractions and stocking the original product can save you big time.

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