How Secure are Roller Shutter Doors For Your Garage?

The roller shutter doors require some headroom to fit the box concealing the door once they are open. Such doors do not have many varieties in design. Roller garage doors can be beneficial as they are considered safe. However, opting for a garage door would depend on the homeowner’s taste and preferences. In some cases, the design of roller shutter doors might not be as complementing the design and theme of certain houses, especially when it comes to older properties.

How are Roller Shutter Doors Secure?

You can find various options for roller shutter doors. These types of doors are usually used for commercial and industrial areas. However, certain homeowners also make use of these types of doors. Electric roller shutter doors are one of the most trusted types of doors when you consider various factors like robustness and security. Roller shutter garage doors are mainly made of multiple thin horizontal lathes that are held in place by steel side rails. The remote control key is pressed to open the garage door to roll up the curtain of lathes into the box that conceals the rolled-up door. Take a look at the reasons why roller shutter doors are considered secure

  • Overlapping lathes: An intruder who plans to break into a building would most probably initially consider vulnerability in the garage door. It can be a small disjoint or dislocation that can be exploited. If there is a space between the door’s section or lathes, they might use a crowbar or other tools to break open and access the garage and building in no time. Roller shutter doors have thinner lathes that overlap without leaving any space between them. This is why such doors are completely resistant to this type of tampering.
  • Opting for Double Skinned Lathes for Added Security: If you are looking for extra peace of mind, you can opt for double-skinned lathes. The garage door would have two sets of aluminium latches that offer maximum protection against any sort of forceful break-in attempts and providing insulation in the garage effectively.
  • Automated Opening Mechanism: Most roller shutter garage doors are electrically operated with the help of remote control. This is a very secure and convenient way of opening a garage door. The electrical operation of the roller shutter garage door means that it can only be raised if the motor inside is operational. Hence, it cannot be manually forced open from the bottom. Another highlight of such a garage door is that the new doors come in with a sensor alarm fitted to the door so that it can easily sense if an intruder tries to force open the door. The alarm would immediately get triggered alerting the surrounding area regarding the break-in attempt.

In short, most businesses and homes these days opt for roller shutter doors due to the security, insulation, and cost factor of the door. Compared to the other shutter doors, roller shutter doors are easier to maintain. Roller garage doors also provide insulation so that it keeps your vehicle protected from the harsh climate outside.

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