How significant is maintaining the Air Conditioning system of your home?

Maintenance of the AC unit by reliable service extends its life span over the long run. Our expert team members follow the safety measures during the service and maintenance. We assure quality and on-time service at our customer’s doorstep.

Steps involved in maintaining the AC:

Maintaining the AC units at regular intervals reduces the cost of spare parts replacement and guarantees cool and fresh air for a long time. Our technical team follows the simple steps to maintain and service your AC unit. The steps include

  • Cleaning the air filters with water and mild detergents to remove the clogged dust
  • Clean the coils efficiently.
  • Checking out the condenser fan to assure its existing condition
  • Drain the duct to remove the water
  • Overall servicing of the parts

You can call us today to book your service appointment, and our representatives will fix the time for your service.

Protecting the AC unit:

It is necessary to protect the AC units from regular use. On regular use, there are possibilities for the dust to accumulate in the filters, and the compressor might get a chance to wear out on constant use. Hence, maintenance and protection of your system become crucial to avoid the replacement of the entire unit or part of the air conditioner.

At Berkeys provide excellent service to our customers by following the standard AC maintenance and protection service. We have remained in the industry for a long time and offer quality service affordable. Our successful customers are satisfied and recommend our service to their known contacts.

The necessity of HVAC maintenance:

The AC units comprise several components, and it is crucial to service all the components at regular intervals to increase the airflow. An expert service is recommendable to avoid the consequences.

Our expert team handles the issues with suitable equipment and follows up with the requirement. We charge a reasonable charge to the maintenance service and complete the work within the scheduled time.

Instant response is the advantage of booking our service, and we are ready to serve round the clock. Contact us with the available sources, and we are ready to serve you with our incredible service.

Quality service is our motto, and we try to fulfill this particular aspect without any complaint. We also offer sales and installation of the units, and we are always ready with the best cooling service for your home. Engage us today for quality aircon services in Singapore at


Similar to other essential components, AC units also need regular maintenance. It is important to go through the manual provided with the units to know the necessity of service and maintenance. Technically skilled experts carry out the process well, and it is the suggested way of maintaining the AC units.

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