Investing in the right standing desk: Your easy guide!

A considerable number of professionals have desk-manning jobs, and the long hours of being in the same position can trigger health problems. The good news is you can consider getting a standup desk, also called sit-stand desks, or standing desks. The purpose of such a desk is to allow the user to sit and stand at will. Ideally, you should switch between positions every hour, and with a standing desk, that becomes easy and will not impact your work or productivity. Today, you can get PrimeCables stand up desks for as little as $300, and the mechanical ones cost a lot less. In this post, we are sharing a few tips on selecting standup desks. 

Go for a dedicated desk

A dedicated standing desk allows you to switch between positions easily, and it is not like having a mount on your existing desk, which is practical and affordable for sure, but also cumbersome. Dedicated standing desks can be either hydraulic, mechanic or electric. Electric standing desks are better because you can sit or stand at the push of a button, and some are extremely versatile, with touch panels, alarms, and other advanced features. Motorized ones are actually super easy to use, and you can switch positions all through the day. 

Think of budget

So, how much should you spend on a standing desk? It is still best to buy an electric variant, although that may cost a lot more. For instance, you can get an electric standing desk under $350, but you may not get the top, which must be purchased additionally. Make sure that the top of your desk isn’t too small, especially if you need to use files, laptop or two monitors at the same time. 

Other things that matter. 

Don’t assume that all standing desks have the same kind of height adjustment range. You may have to review a few options to select one that is more likely to work for your height. Also, all standing desks do have a maximum weight, which is again something you need to check. Do not overload your desk, because it has to move up and down. Some desks have a cable management system, others don’t, but that is a good feature to have. 

Where to buy?

Online stores have better range of standing desks and more offers, and we suggest that you check for their latest discounts and deals. 

Shortlist a few options now!

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