List of Best College Cities Memorable Stay and Better Academic Experience in the US

Students always check the college’s ranking, but ignore researching the city. Just like the college experience the city you will stay plays a huge role. An awesome college city offers a lot when you are free. If you are planning to join a university or looking to pursue higher education in the US from abroad then here is a list of the best college cities to have an enjoyable stay and college years!

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List of best college cities

Massachusetts Boston

It is the number one college city, according to QS World University Ranking 2020. There is a total of 8 universities in Boston. Harvard University ranked 3rd, while MIT [Massachusetts Institute of Technology stood first. It is an academic center full of students, cultural activities, and cafes. Public transportation is easy to access and there are taco or pizza joints to enjoy after late-night study sessions.

Fort Collins & Boulder Colorado

The University of Colorado in Boulder attains all the attention of nature lovers. Students choose Boulder as it has great weather all year round, striking nature, interesting restaurants, job opportunities, and offers students well-balanced life.

Fort Collins situated in the Rocky Mountains foothill offers endless outdoor opportunities besides having the best Colorado State University. There are outdoor activities to de-stress including biking, hiking, skiing, and even quirky coffee shops. It was ranked as the happiest city in the US.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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The small town has 60,000 inhabitants, so the place is less crowded and gives the feel of your home. The UNC offers students a good college life and keeps them energetic with plenty of school spirit. Outside the class, students can explore downtown restaurants and nature.

Washington DC

Seattle has more than 20 universities within a 40-mile radius. The UW or University of Washington is popular. Seattle is a clean city and near Canada. The food scene is also one of the best and the weather is also cool. Students even gain a chance to learn from think tanks, research institutions, and intergovernmental organizations about policy & law or international affairs. Washington DCs cultural scene is also awesome ranging from comedy shows and theater performances to museums and bumpy nightlife.

New York

NYC has more than 8 million residents and the options range from engineering programs to art schools. You will never lack study partners but the cost of living is high. Public transportation is widespread, so commuting to and from the campus is easy. Job opportunities are available and lots of things to do to keep busy besides studies.

Madison, Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin ranks as a good college and Madison is the best student town to live in. It is an affordable place to live, public transportation is accessible, and biking around is simple than in many coastal cities.

America is a vast country with tons of colleges and choosing an ideal student town/city is challenging. It doesn’t matter which city or university you choose you will soon submerge in the American culture and simultaneously advance your academic career.

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