Must-Do Exercises to achieve Stunning Abs

Have you envied those sexy abs of your favourite actor or actress? How about we help you achieve staunch abs that will make everyone jealous of you. With simple abs exercise, you can get the abs of your dreams.

You don’t have to sign up for a gym membership to get rock hard abs because the good news is that these easy abs exercises can be done even from the comfort of your house. So to build a strong core, you don’t need a yoga mat or gym equipment, just slip into your comfortable athleisure clothes and get started with the abs exercise that will get you those six packs you’ve been dreaming of. 

These abs exercises may look oh-so-simple, but they can be challenging but will offer you guaranteed effective results. 

  1. Seated Russian twists: Sit down with your knees bent and your back straight. Hold your hands to your chest and twist your torso to your right and then towards your left to complete one rep. 
  2. V-Sits: Lie on your back with your arms to the side. Slowly lift your legs to about a 45-degree angle as you lift your head and shoulders too. Begin to lift your upper torso and bend your knees. Slowly bring your upper body back on the floor while straightening your legs and finally resting your arms by your side.
  3. Pilates Scissors: Lie on your back with both your legs in the air and your head and shoulders slightly off the ground. Hold your right ankle with your hands as you lower your left leg. Keep your abs pulled towards your spine and after a few seconds, switch to the other leg.
  4. Reverse crunch: Lie on your back with your hands beside you. Keep your feet together as you bring your knees towards your chest. With your abs, curl your hips off the floor, bringing them towards your chest before slowly bringing them in the resting position on the floor.
  5. Crunchy frog: Sit down and slightly push your torso back while you begin lifting your feet off the floor and pulling your knees towards your chest. Lean backwards as you open your arms to your side and straighten your legs. Return back to the start position to complete one rep.
  6. Double crunch: As you lie back, raise your arms and legs to a 90-degree ankle. With the help of your abs, lift both your shoulders and pelvis off the ground while trying to touch your toes. Keep your core engaged before you return back to the start position to complete one rep.
  7. Basic crunch: Lie on your back with your knees bent and your hands behind your head. While engaging the core muscles, lift your head, shoulders and back off the ground while keeping your belly button pulled in. Slowly come back to the start position to complete one rep.

These are the best abs exercise that you can do at your home or even when you’re on holiday.


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