Necessary Tools for a Janitor & Tips to Choose Them

The job of a janitor is quite challenging, and the tasks get even more difficult if they don’t have the necessary tools. Having the best and latest janitor tools will help the staff work properly and give their best daily. You can easily find a janitorial equipment supplier in Ohio, but what are the important tools you must give priority to?

You could buy tons of tools or equipment for cleaning, but will they be appropriate for the place you plan to clean? Can you buy equipment that has multifunction? These are the questions that trouble an inexperienced person. However, you don’t have to worry aT all. The article will list the essential equipment you should buy for the janitor and tips on selecting them.

What are the vital janitor tools you need?

You can find a janitorial equipment supplier in Ohio without any issue, but you may waste your money and time if you don’t know what equipment to buy from them. Following are the necessary pieces of equipment you should buy for the janitor:

Necessary pieces of equipment for the janitor:

  • A mop, wringer, and bucket are the primary tools a janitor must have, and it is enough to clean most places.
  • Cleaning cloths: cloth pieces made of microfibers are way better than the usual cotton ones, and it also lasts longer.
  • Toilet cleaning brush (long-handled): Whether it’s a school, theater, or office, there will be washrooms/restrooms. So, the cleaning brush is necessary after the mop and bucket.
  • Dustpan and broom: These two tools are a janitor’s basic needs. And a dustpan with a long handle is the best for a janitor who’s an older adult.
  • One duster with an expandable handle will let you reach higher places like roofs and fans and lower down or under the sofa, bed, etc.
  • Cleaning supplies: Multi-purpose, glass-cleaner, toilet bowl, disinfectant, etc.
  • Safe signs that warn people.
  • Hooks and holders to hold your supplies, mop bucket and trash holder, and a cart with enough shelves.
  • Last but not least, the maintenance tools such as plunger, monkey wash, plunger, etc.

What should you look for while purchasing equipment for the janitor?

Choosing the tools for the janitor may sound easy, but there are some important things you should care about. The important things to remember or tips for selecting these tools are:


When looking for a janitor’s cleaning equipment, durability and quality are the first two things you must consider. Also, remember that paying more doesn’t get you better products; only a reputed brand can offer you quality products.

Industrial strength

The janitorial equipment is a few levels higher than the household supplies in quality and durability. For example, the industrial mop and bucket are much more hard-wearing and long-lasting than the household mops and buckets, as they are designed for long work hours and on rougher surfaces.


When the equipment is meant for cleaning the whole campus, institution, or office building, portability is a necessary feature. Therefore, only the equipment that can be easily carried or has wheels (carrier+bucket) should be bought for the janitor.


As mentioned earlier, the janitor’s tools will be used on harder surfaces and for long hours. Hence, the tools/equipment must have a minimum one-year warranty. It is not hard to find a janitorial equipment supplier in Ohio, but ensure they offer good warranty and maintenance services.

These are important things you must remember while shopping for janitorial equipment.

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