Property purchase procedure in Halkidiki

In the overseas real estate market, during the coronavirus epidemic, Greece has shown itself to be one of the most prosperous countries in Europe due to the low level of diseases, excellent conditions for remote purchases, and the Golden Visa program.

Buying process

So, you have chosen an apartment – for example, housing in Halkidiki. The property owner confirmed that the site was free, invited you to see the property, and you were satisfied with everything. But what to do next? Acquisition of villas in Halkidiki for sale in Greece takes place in several stages, namely:

  • final choice;
  • signing by both parties of a preliminary contract with a 10% deposit by the buyer;
  • drawing up a power of attorney (according to the laws of Greece, a power of attorney must be issued to a lawyer);
  • search for a notary;
  • legal verification of the seller (the person selling the housing must convince all participants in the transaction that the object is not taken on credit and is not involved in any other story);
  • receipt of TIN by a lawyer on behalf of a foreign buyer;
  • bank transfer (can go within three days);
  • drawing up and signing the final version of the contract;
  • conclusion of an agreement between a lawyer and a notary;
  • registration of property in the cadastral office and payment of another tax – it is no more than 0.5% of the value of the property + 15 €.

Value for money

A house by the sea is the dream of many residents of a harsh climate. People have invested about 30 million euros in Halkidiki villa for rent over the past five years. A short flight, favorable climate, picturesque landscape, warm sea, sun, delicious food, and low cost of housing in comparison with such countries as Italy, Spain, and France attract buyers.

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