Seven Exciting Places You Must Visit in Italy

Undoubtedly, Italy is one of the most popular countries on the bucket list of travellers. The exotic country has a homely vibe wherein you can explore music, culture, food, architecture, charming villages, natural beauty, sacred sites, and more. From mountains to beaches, Italy offers amazing places to visit and enjoy. Whether you choose natural and scenic wonders or the greatest masterpieces of art and architecture, Italy won’t leave you disappointed.

When you plan to travel to an exotic country, just book a hotel in Italy in advance to ensure a comfortable stay. You can find amazing hotels in Italy with picturesque views. Here’s a look at some must-visit places in Italy:

  • Rome

Rome is a lovely city in Europe that you must visit when in Italy. It is one of the most vibrant cities with rich cultural history. For people travelling to Italy, Rome tops their list. You must enjoy the city apart from visiting the top attractions such as Vatican, Colosseum, Palantine Hill, Sistine chapel, etc. Explore the narrow streets and enjoy your coffee in the local cafes.

  • Florence

It is just like a huge art museum. The Duomo is a landmark of world architecture that is topped by its gravity-defying massive dome. There are several art museums with paintings and sculptures along with decorated churches and palaces. There are art galleries as well as artisan studios and workshops to explore.

  • Venice

Venice is yet another attraction for travellers. After all, who would not fall in love with a city with water streets? A place where buses are boats are songs of gondoliers caress your ears. St. Mark’s Square has several tourist attractions around it.

  • Tuscan Hill Towns

The scenic landscape of Tuscany is bejewelled by stone towns. Each of the landscapes sits atop a hill. There are castles where one is above the other with brilliant architecture, character, art, and story to tell. These hill towns are a must-visit in Italy.

  • Milan

Milan is a major point of entry for tourists. People might overlook it as a destination to travel to, but it is a lovely city with the highest architectural attractions of Italy. Also, it is the Mecca of fashion lovers. Milan is home to Leonardo Da Vinci, Enrico Caruso, Toscanini, as well as designer Giorgio Armani. Apart from the architecture, you can visit the opera house, monastery, museums, and palaces.

  • Lake Como

Lake Como is the most beautiful lake in Italy. Bellagio town is a must-visit which is set on a point where three narrow arms of the lake meet. On the southern shore, there is the town of Como. You must explore the town before you board a steamer to explore the lake.

  • Capri

When in Italy, you can’t miss Capri Island. Located in the bay of Naples, it is renowned for its rugged landscape as well as upscale hotels and shopping. You can find some of the best designer fashionable items in Capri. You will easily find a great hotel in Capri to make your stay memorable. It is also popular for its natural sites, such as Blue Grotto. It is a dark cavern where the sea glows electric blue because of sunlight passing through an underwater cave.

There are several other attractions such as Pisa and Lucca, Verona, Pompeii and Herculaneum, Siena, Naples, and Puglia, to name a few. Italy is one of the most beautiful countries. Plan a trip and enjoy the scenic beauty along with local cuisine and Italian culture.

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