One very genius way to plant in the 21st century is to do it right in your house; this not only saves time but money. That is the least of what is good about this latest system because it is one solution that makes planting environmentally friendly. We at Hc have created the planting pots, which are the best help any plant can get. Not only is it conducive for so many plants, including cannabis, but they also need such pots. Our pots are produced with the aim of not allowing root shock in the process of moisture to move around the walls of the pot, which is helpful and allows for proper drainage just as the plant needs. This would no doubt reduce the pressure the plant would have been under if it was in any way overwatered, as it may start to rot and have less oxygen. That all is not happening with us as we protect the plant from all that with our pots. 

How we make our planting pot should be of interest to people; well, like I said it is sustainable, which means it is just for the safety of the environment. I must say that we are so proud of these right at our Canadian plant we made containers with fiber with a closed-looped water recycling facility. Of course not only is fiber a product of recycling but the water we make use of in this facility is also recycled. We have made it our mandate at Hc to have our products geared towards being climate-friendly. By so doing our product is not just for usage at the current times but into the future. We will be needed as this is where the world is headed as we try to battle the climate change confronting us in all aspects. I must say that anybody working with us is sure of not just protection, but the health and growth of their plants are guaranteed. Reach out to us through any of our distributors and have yours.

Why wait till certain products used in planting becomes extinct as governments across the globe get desperate to tame the effect of global warming? A lot of moves and laws coming. To this effect, don’t wait till you are behind and find that your plant no longer meets the standards of the way you plant or the plant itself. So take the chance now with our planting pots and save for now and the future.

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