The Role of Bacteria in Bio Septic Tanks: Breaking Down Organic Waste

Why make the management of sewage a difficult task? Why go for conventional septic tanks that create a lot of burden on you when you can get relief using Re-Leaf bio-septic tanks? Re-Leaf understands how complicated and laborious it is to use conventional septic tanks. The solutions are accordingly and carefully made to fix your problems. Re-Leaf considers the future and designs the products. It is the primary principle of Re-Leaf to cater to regulatory standards and environmental norms. And therefore, the engineers of Re-Leaf have designed the bio-septic tanks as per DRDO standards. They are manufactured at Re-Leaf’s ISO 9001-2015 Certified factories, under the guidance of engineers qualified as per ISO 18436 standards. Re-Leaf consistency of innovating designs that offer comfort to the people has helped them win achievements. Re-Leaf has deployed 10,000+ Toilets, saved, 20Million+ Litres of fresh water, and has benefitted 150 Million+ people. Re-Leaf’s maintenance-friendly design permits easy inspection chambers.

Re-Leaf company has gained fame in the bio-septic tank industry due to several reasons, which could include:

Innovative Technology: Re-Leaf has developed advanced and efficient bio-septic tank systems that offer improved performance and functionality compared to traditional septic tanks. The technology has helped to accelerate the digestion/degradation process by 10 times, compared to a normal septic tank. It is surprising for people to see decomposition happening in 3-4 days as compared to conventional septic tank which takes approximately 40 days.

Environmental Focus: Re-Leaf’s bio-septic tanks are designed with a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability and scalability, and have gained popularity among environmentally conscious individuals and organizations. There are no methanogens in the consortium hence there is less release of greenhouse gases. Re-Leaf has a high reputation and you will find reduced contamination and discharge water. 100% virgin material ensures long life & recyclability resulting in less or no impact to the environment.

Reliable Performance: Re-Leaf has a track record of delivering high-quality bio-septic tank systems that consistently perform well. Re-Leaf tanks are known for their durability, reliability, and effective waste management capabilities.

Positive Customer Reviews: Satisfied customers who have used Re-Leaf’s bio-septic tanks have shared positive feedback and reviews about their products and services.

Bacteria play a crucial role in the functioning of bio septic tanks by breaking down organic waste. Bio septic tanks are designed to treat wastewater from households or small-scale establishments in an environmentally friendly manner. Releaf brings to you BIO TANKS for the disposal of human waste in an eco-friendly manner. All the disease-causing pathogens are eliminated, and the effluents are drained to any surface without any environmental hazard making this Innovation stand out from other common Toilets.

Usually, when wastewater enters a bio septic tank, it undergoes a series of biological processes facilitated by bacteria. These bacteria, known as aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, decompose the organic matter present in the wastewater.

In Re-Leaf bio septic tanks, there is a wide range of ambient operating temperatures. 95% of organic sludge degrades within 72 hours of retention. There is never a requirement for scavenging/emptying under normal operating conditions. There is a Provision for water reuse. The tank is sturdy and rigid.

Product Range


Ultra-Series comes with Polyethylene molded tanks. Products are available in the following models

Ultra-Series : 20 flushes/daily

Ultra-Series : 40 flushes/daily

Ultra-Series : 60 flushes/daily

Prime Series

Prime Series comes in Fibre Reinforced Plastic tanks. Products are available in wide ranges

Model B 3000: 65 flushes/day

Model B 5000: 100 flushes/day

Model B 10000: 200 flushes/day

Model B 20000: 400 flushes/day

Higher capacity tanks can be custom-made as per requirements. Efficient filtration and recycling modules are also manufactured and supplied as per requirements.


Normal septic tanks produce effluent with a high percentage of pathogens. The high pathogen count in drinking water impacts the health and cognitive development of children. Globally, 5.3% of all deaths and 6.3% of disabilities are caused by poor sanitation, hygiene, and water. One in every ten deaths in India is linked to poor sanitation and hygiene.

The initial installation cost of bio-septic tanks varies depending on the size and specific requirements, they often offer long-term cost savings. Re-Leaf bio-septic tanks require less maintenance and fewer chemical additives compared to traditional septic systems, leading to reduced operating expenses over time.


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