The Types of Generators Used On Construction Sites

With the types of generators used on construction sites today, you can be sure that your site will have plenty of power. We are going to look at the different types of generators and what they are used for.

When it comes to construction sites, there are several types of generators that are used. The main reason that these generators are needed is because of how much power most electrical equipment needs as well as how often it needs to be powered.

Portable Generator

The first type of generator that is used is called a portable generator. The portable generator is small in size, easy to transport and the most convenient for use in case of emergencies. It can be either gasoline or diesel powered. Gasoline-powered generators are more commonly used as they are lighter and easier to carry around.

The gas-powered portable generators are often used by people who need power in their home or business, while diesel-powered generators are popular among construction workers who need temporary power on building sites.


These generators are typically seen on small construction jobs or when these jobs are taking place in areas where the power lines are not close by. Portable generators tend to be less expensive than other types but they also need to be refueled quite often since they do not contain very much fuel in them. You can find more portable generators for rent at

Trailer Generator

A second type of generator that is used is called a trailer generator. The stationary generator is not portable as it is usually mounted on wheels and powered by a diesel engine. These generators are more powerful than the portable ones and can supply continuous power to machinery such as compressors, air conditioners and other industrial equipment.

This type of generator is typically used on larger jobs and it runs off of a large tank can be refueled as needed. The problem with this type of generator is that you will have to have access to an outlet where you can plug it in so it can run.

Standby Generator

Another type of generator which is commonly found on large jobsites is called a stationary or standby generator and this one cannot be moved at all. A standby generator is a generator that is permanently installed and left running all the time at a particular location.

These types of generators can be hooked up to electrical panels so that when the main power supply fails, they switch over right away to provide constant power to all the devices that were connected to them.

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