What decking material lasts the longest?

If you are thinking of making a new deck, you are probably caught up in a glitch of which material to use that would last for the most extended period. There are so many varieties in the market that finding the suitable deck material can be pretty hard.

If you are looking for the deck material that would last for the most extended period of time, you should go with cement. Cement decking has been observed to last for over 60 years. It is not only durable but is also able to withstand all elements of nature. Thus, the expense of cement decking pays for itself. However, the factors that would impact your deck’s exact life span would depend on the climate, the type of cement that you use, and how you care for the deck. Check out LitCore for more information on decking material.

Decking materials


This is the decking material that lasts for the most extended period. Cement is created to withstand extreme weather conditions from bitter cold to storms, et cetera. If you are sure that you will not be changing houses for the next 60 years, you should opt for cement decking. The advantages of cement decking are that it has a long life span, it can be molded into any design, it is effortless to maintain, you do not have to spend much on maintaining a cement deck, and finally, cement gives the most value for the amount that you spend on it.

However, there are some disadvantages to cement decking as well. If you want a vibrant or colorful option, cement decking is not the one for you. Cement is pretty expensive. Therefore, go for cement decking only if you are sure that you will stay at that house for a long time to come. Finally, if you are a resident of a tropical country or if you get a lot of sun exposure, you will have to wear shoes since cement decks can absorb heat and quickly heat up.

Make sure your decking lasts for the longest period of time.

Any kind of met decking, whether made of hardwood, softwood or cement, needs a little bit of love and care. Despite cement being durable, you have to care for it.

Caring for cement deck

Every element is subjected to weather and tear. Over time the concrete that has been used to build the deck will start to suffer from wear and tear. If materials are often dragged across the deck, it will also lead to abrasion.

If you live in a cold country, make sure that you use cement that is resistant to freeze and thaw. If you use cement that is not resistant to thawing and freezing, it will crack quickly.

Rain is not known to directly hamper the cement, but rain causes erosion of the steel bars which are present in the cement. Thus, rain can negatively impact the structural integrity of your deck.If you are looking to install deck at your own home,  you can read this guide on decking https://www.homees.co/articles/all-about-decking-singapore before engaging a company to do it for you.

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