5 Benefits of Holographic tamper-proof Stickers in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Packaging

A 3D picture is printed in high resolution on a 2D surface using holography technology. Credit cards, driver’s licenses, and other items claiming uniqueness and validity all use holographic security seals. The information found in the above-mentioned is printed using laser-achieved light diffraction. 

What are Holographic labels? How are Holographic stickers made?

Stickers and labels made with holographic material are one-of-a-kind creations that boast full product and brand details and a reliable adhesive. Holographic stickers, which can be modified to fit your needs, provide a vital layer of protection for your goods. Holographic stickers that are either tamper-proof or tamper-evident help prevent counterfeiting, which benefits the product’s perceived quality, the brand’s reputation, and the customer service they get.

Typically, holographic labels have a glossy surface and a rainbow appearance that shifts color depending on the viewer’s angle of view. They are laminated onto holographic vinyl for protection against water, tears, fading, and scratches, and they look great.

The benefits of Holographic tamper-proof stickers in pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging are-

The safety and integrity of the product’s packaging are critical considerations in the manufacturing and distribution processes. In addition to providing much-needed security and protection against tampering with the goods, the visual attractiveness of your package will be much improved by adding holographic security seals

Companies, especially those in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, invest heavily in the research and development of holographic seals to supply their clients with products that meet and exceed their needs. Poor-quality knockoffs are sold in packaging that looks real but is recycled or copied from a legitimate brand. Consumers fooled by counterfeit items’ identical packaging often end up not purchasing genuine articles. Holographic tamper security labels are handy in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries because they prevent counterfeiters from selling counterfeit products, preserve the brand’s integrity, and help retain customers.

When it comes to companies and goods that provide guarantees and warranties, tamper-evident labels are crucial. Warranty validity can be affected by whether or not a product has been tampered with; hence tampered, evident stickers are crucial.

Various types of Hologram labels are available on the market.

There is no packaging requirement that holographic stickers can’t meet. Numerous options for packing may be found in the wide variety of stickers available. Holographic stickers are trendy right now, and the most popular ones are:

  • Personalized and Standard Holograms
  • HRI Transparent ones with Sequential Numbers 
  • Barcodes and Quick Response Codes
  • Wads
  • Piggyback
  • Tax Stamps with Holographic Strips that Can Be Scratched Off
  • Holographic laminates for ID cards made of blister foil with holographic images

Significant aspects to look for in high-quality Holographic Tamper Evident Stickers.

When applied to a product, holographic tamper-evident stickers serve two purposes: they increase the item’s aesthetic appeal and deter counterfeiters. 

The following qualities make for a great label:

  • Distinctive in Style
  • Sturdy construction and reliable sticking power.
  • Detectable and visible quality indicators of forgery
  • Tailor-made and aesthetically pleasing
  • Heat and water-resistant
  • Flexibility in any climate
  • Exemplary level of detail
  • Impossible to duplicate.

Usual Uses of Holographic Security Stickers

The following is a list of some of the many current uses for holograms throughout the globe. This is meant to demonstrate how widely used holograms are as a tried-and-true means of preventing and detecting product forgery. They are as follows-

Products utilizing holographic protection seals with extreme security:

  • Contracts
  • Agreements
  • Credit Cards
  • Currency
  • Prescription drugs, 
  • Medical documents, 
  • Travel documents

Products utilizing holographic protection seals with Medium and Low Security

  • Assorted Relics & Artefacts
  • Certification Marks
  • Fashionable Tobacco Products and Name-Brand Clothing
  • Whiskey, Rum, Vodka, and Other Spirits
  • Purchased Tickets for an Event
  • Tickets for Ski Lifts
  • Bingo Cards
  • Stamps
  • Certificates for Present-Giving
  • Papers for Writing Prescriptions
  • Affiliation for Motor Vehicles
  • Identification Badge for Staff
  • Verification of Completion of Coursework/Training

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