An air cooler is a tool used for Air cooling, and air cooling is a way to evaporate heat from an environment or a particular place. Air Conditioner is an instrument or equipment that is used in cooling the environment or an enclosed space, as it helps and aids the removal of heat and humidity from the air that is in an enclosed space. Air cooler vs Air conditioner, although has differences also has vivid similarities in the sense that they deal with air and they don’t supply hot air, but just cold air that is necessary to use in hot times, and a lot of times, cold air makes human comfortable. 

Air Cooler vs Air conditioner is very useful and vital in their applications to human life and daily living, humans love the comfort and they can spend any amount to get the comfort that they want, having an air conditioner or air cooler goes a long way in eradicating hot air. Imagine receiving hot air in a hot environment or hot weather, the weather would become unbearable for the humans again, however, it is worth noting and knowing that as useful as air conditioners and air coolers are, they have advantages and disadvantages because there is nothing in this world that does not have its advantages and disadvantages. Air cooler vs Air conditioner has differences and they vary in the kind of work they perform, and how they help humans to maintain their comfortability. Their similar role is jus that they supply human cold air, and their work is very needed in the hot season because men would be dehydrated by then and would need water and also cold air to bring them back into shape. 

The difference between an Air cooler and an Air conditioner is that despite their similarities, Air cooler takes or receives air hot air from outside the given space or environment, and traps it to convert it into the cold air that can be useful for ventilating the human body while Air conditioner produces the air on it own and gives or supply the Cold air into the environment or a given space. The truth is that both the Air conditioner and Air cooler are very useful in the application of human life, but their application or usefulness that brings comfort to the human life, despite their similarities, their differences still make them applicable to the other, that is one is better used than the other in some environmental conditions.

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