Business Setup in Dubai UAE: A Complete Expert Guide

Dubai has been a hub for career opportunities and businesses lately. Due to its strategic location, it has been the main attraction for many investors to start their businesses. Logistics is way easier in Dubai as it has both an airport and a seaport. Also, Dubai allows 100% ownership business to foreign investors.

Why choose Dubai for business setup?

The reasons are many, out of which a few are listed below:

  • Reputational profits and capitals
  • No taxation
  • Great Infrastructure
  • Commercial Capital
  • Growth even in a non-oil economy

Above mentioned are few enough good reasons to plan a business setup in Dubai UAE

How to plan and start a business in Dubai?

Before you start a business in Dubai, some homework is really necessary. Think of a business activity and its practicality for the consumers. Post that you have to decide the locality as UAE has 3 different regions. These are Mainland, free zone, and offshore. It has an objective of friendly government and international exposure.

Below mentioned are a few basic points you need to consider while planning a business setup in Dubai:

  • Business Type: The type of business you want to own determines the kind of license you will require
  • Select a Trade name: This is important as it is the first step towards finalising your paperwork
  • Open Bank account: This is the first thing you need to do once your paperwork has been approved and returned
  • Choose an office space: This will be required as soon as your business plan is complete, and resources are arranged
  • Visa Processing: This is the final step of setting up your business. The Visa stamping process should be clear so that you avoid any hassle

The above few points are basic ones to plan a business setup in Dubai UAE

Advantages of Setting up Business in Dubai

Although no taxation is a good reason enough, there are many other advantages as well. According to the World Bank, Dubai holds its rank in ease of business setup reports. It has a top-notch infrastructure that has many facilities that attract employees.

Apart from that, it gives an educated supply of human capital. This benefits visionary leadership. Also, the government is robust, and it is a safe and secure place to start a business. The foreign investors also secure a 10-year resident visa. There are several free zones in Dubai that facilitate 100% ownership of the company.


Conclusively, it is a wise decision to plan a business setup in Dubai. Also, it is best to consult an expert in this case. Emirabiz is one such influential consultant firm that can help you grow your business. They help you step by step and guide you thoroughly. If you are willing to start a business in Dubai UAE now, chase them for expert guidance.

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