Climax of this Movie is Unpredictable

The South Indian film industry has dominated the Indian film industry for close to a decade now. It has led the Indian film industry’s transformation, especially regarding the latest technologies, special effects, and animation. And yes, not to forget that the two Iscar winners from India, AR Rehman and ResulPookutty, learned their tricks in the South Indian film industry only.

The Telugu film industry, especially, is the most vibrant compared to the other South Indian film industries. Several factors such as a large pool of talented actors, the use of advanced technologies, the shift of focus from small-budget movies to the more grand ones, and the attention to detail right from scriptwriting to production have helped the Telugu film industry prosper.

However, the threat of the Covid-19 crisis has had cascading adverse effects and brought the Telugu film industry to a standstill. With theatres and cinemas across the country shut, people have been forced to stay at home. Big-budget movies, scheduled for release in theatres, all of a sudden find themselves with no audience. Half-finished films are waiting to be completed and production houses have stopped shooting and deferred their releases.

The advent of OTT platforms has acted as a lifeline to the struggling industry. There has been an increase in the download of several online streaming platforms while people remain confined to their homes. OTT platforms, too, because of their growing popularity, have been willing to pay a premium price for the latest Telugu films and web series.

Aha is one such OTT platform available on your mobile, smart TV, and other streaming devices. It offers on-demand online video streaming services and caters exclusively to the Telugu audience. Its excellent HD streaming services allow viewers to watch movies online without getting interrupted by advertisements. It houses the best of Telugu cinema and also provides detailed and authentic movie reviews.

Continuing its tradition, Aha brings the review for the latest Telugu film, Dirty Hari.


The story of the movie is about Hari (Shravan Reddy). He goes to Hyderabad in search of a better life and falls in love with Vasudha (Ruhani Sharma), the daughter of a wealthy businessman. Simultaneously, Hari also starts having an illicit affair with Jasmine (Simrat Kaur), an aspiring actress who is also Vasudha’s brother Aakash’s girlfriend. The romance continues even after Hari and Vasudha get married. However, Hari and Jasmine’s equations soon turn sour, leading to shocking consequences.

Shravan Reddy looks good in the role of an ambitious but lustful person. Ruhani Sharma understands her part well and executes it to perfection. Simrat Kaur delivers a confident and robust performance as a free-spirited character. ‘Dirty Hari’ is certainly her movie. The other characters in the film do a decent job.

The production design and cinematography of the movie are excellent, and the songs are worth listening to. The climax is unpredictable, which the director, MS Raju, has handled well. All in all, the director has turned ‘Dirty Hari’ into an engaging narrative and a must-watch affair.

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