Discovering Products on Amazon: A Step-by-Step Guide

An Amazon business may be started by anybody; however you cannot establish a business with any goods. While some things will simply lie in your inventory gathering dust, others will be top-selling commodities that bring in thousands of dollars each month. Although finding products on Amazon isn’t very difficult, you must take the time to do it correctly. Even if you just offer handcrafted goods, you still need to understand what is and is not in demand. So, how do you identify the goods with the greatest potential for profit by using  product discovery amazon tool?

What Products Should You Steer Clear of?

You must first specify your criteria before you can begin looking for items. You must decide what categories of things you wish to keep away from in order to do that.

Products with High Shipping Costs

This is crucial whether you’re selling through the Fulfilled by Amazon programme or importing your product from abroad. You’ll want to lower shipping expenses as much as you can because they cut into your earnings. Large and hefty goods are the first thing to be on the lookout for. The cost of shipping a goods increases with its size and weight. Second, avoid sending fragile products since couriers will charge you more because they must handle them carefully.

Liability Products

It’s often not worth the risk if there’s a danger that your goods may cause someone injury or to become ill. Consumables including meals, vitamins, drinks, and any lotion you apply to your skin are included in this. These kinds of things are also subject to many more restrictions and regulations, so in most circumstances it are just not worth the trouble.

Hazardous goods

Certain chemicals and combustible items are classified as hazardous commodities by Amazon. These items are subject to additional rules, and if you sell them through FBA, Amazon will charge you more to store them.


Have you ever considered purchasing clothing online only to decide against it after learning you can’t try it on first? It’s something of an issue.

Items in Markets with Competition

You should stay away from any items that are very competitive as a beginning merchant. You will fail if you attempt to compete with well-known brands and numerous rivals. A better approach is to locate underrepresented markets. Look for things that are popular but that other stores have ignored. You’ll be able to succeed right away if you’re one of the few vendors providing a product that people want.

Amazon’s Reverse ASIN Lookup and Keyword Search

The Amazon Keyword Search and Reverse ASIN Lookup tools will help you come up with some more ideas once you’ve discovered a few things in the Product Database.

Amazon’s keyword tools

Use the Amazon Keyword Search to enter the products you’re interested in and receive a list of all the keywords associated with those things. You can also use the Reverse ASIN Lookup tool to acquire a list of all the keywords other sellers are using to market those products by entering their ASIN number.

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