Emerging Trends In Technology Help Companies Recover Opportunities Lost During The Pandemic

There is always an emerging trend of some kind floating to the surface of a capitalistic economy. Capitalism has a creative, as well as destructive, nature in its economic genes. New tech developments in all sectors of the economy increase Gross Domestic Product growth. Tech developments also put some businesses at risk. Emerging trends in certain sectors of the economy may not replace outdated methods of increasing consumer awareness and creating revenue.

 Emerging Trends In IT Will Top $840 Billion In 2021

One emerging trend is hard to ignore, according to social media analytics expert Bob Goodman, the president of NetBaseQuid. NetBaseQuid is the go-to company when brands, individuals, and companies want to increase their marketing returns as well as take advantage of emerging tech trends and social media tools.

The pandemic hurt Gross Domestic Product growth in 2020. But emerging technologies experienced incredible growth that year. The vaccine is a great example of emerging technology. And the boom in electric vehicle production is an emerging trend that will affect vehicle manufacturing and sales for years to come. In order to produce enough lithium-ion batteries strong enough to power the electric vehicle craze, emerging trends in nickel and other mineral and element mining is on the horizon.

Plus, the emerging space travel trend will also affect the way people think about travel in the future. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are the key opinion leaders who lead the trend to think and act differently when it comes to travel, shopping, and traveling to the Moon and Mars. Both men invested heavily in emerging tech trends.

A recent Statista IT Market Model report claims global Internet marketing will top $840 billion in 2021. A sizeable chunk of that spending will be for AI development in several sectors of the economy. Artificial Intelligence is the tech trend that revolutionized the way people buy and sell goods and services before the pandemic. And AI platforms will do the same thing during the explosive recovery mode.

 The Pandemic Made Businesses Think Twice About Using New Technology

Restaurants reached their breaking point during the pandemic. Eating out was taboo. Restaurant workers couldn’t work until restaurants used emerging trends to stay away from bankruptcy. Building upscale outdoor eating areas and using kitchens as modern-day filling stations for people who wanted a restaurant meal at home were major undertakings. But thanks to emerging trends in construction and food preparation, many restaurant owners continued to do business in an unorthodox but tech-savvy way.

Emerging technologies create innovative solutions. Artificial Intelligence continues to influence marketing plans after the pandemic. Some of the tech advancements made during the pandemic are now part of the normal operation of businesses that depended on them during COVID.

New business strategies exploded after the pandemic left its deadly marks. Online businesses turned to AI innovations to improve communications with consumers, boost their online presence, and promote their products using healthcare-friendly information, according to NetBaseQuid President Bob Goodson.

 NetBaseQuid’s AI-Based Social Media Analytics Is An Emerging Trend

NetbaseQuid AI-based marketing intelligence leaves no stone unturned when it comes to producing innovative ways to present emerging trends. Vocal and visual analytic tools take the guesswork out of marketing.

Identifying opinion leaders, interpreting market intelligence for various businesses, and producing marketing recommendations that increase consumer awareness are primary goals for any business. NetBaseQuid has the analytic tools in its artificial intelligence-based platform to help any business recover from the deadly pandemic.

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