Is it possible to import an automobile from the US? An ITN/AES number will undoubtedly be required. The Automated Export Method (AES) is a system that the United States Census Bureau uses to register international exports worth more than $2,500.00 USD.

The US Census Bureau has enforced the completion of export records for self-propelled vehicles before export, regardless of their monetary worth, starting April 5th, 2014.  Proof of vehicle ownership (title) and export paperwork with a valid ITN/AES number must be obtained 72 hours prior to crossing the US Border for export to be lawful.

What is an ITN, and how does one get done?

The automated export system requires electronic export information (EEI) to be submitted electronically (AES), formerly known as the shipper’s export declaration (SED). An Internal Transaction Number (ITN) is provided as confirmation that the AES file record has been accepted once it has been authorised by the US government.

Clearit will file your Electronic Export Information (EEI) on your behalf if you choose Clearit as your filing agent. You do not need to wait for the internal transaction number (TIN) or include it in the bill of lading. All of the processes will be handled by Clearit. SEDs on paper will not be accepted anymore.

How can I get an ITN?

AESDirect: It is a free, Internet-based method for filing EEI data provided by the United States Census Bureau. You can apply directly to AESDirect and receive your ITN after registration.

Clearit as your representative: Clearit will immediately send your EEI to AES on your behalf, so you do not need to register with AES (additional fees may apply). When creating a payment slip and Clearit itn number, you only need to fill in some electronic documents.

Where should the ITN for common carriers be placed?

When using the USPS website to fill out a package, you’ll come across a page named “Customs Information. Find a box that reads “Enter export information” and scroll down the page. Even if your shipment does not require an export license, you must first choose before entering AES-ITN, please check the “Check if your shipment requires an export license” field. Following that, a field will open where you may enter the ITN.


Before filing Electronic Export Information (EEI) in AES, it’s necessary to grasp basic terminology. These definitions pertain to the cargo, the persons engaged in the shipment, the exported product, and the mode of transportation.

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