Left-Hand Turn Accidents: Which Driver Should Be Held Liable?

For many drivers, making a left-hand turn can make them feel anxious. The majority of car accidents that take place at an intersection in the country involve a left-hand turn. Thus, nearly everyone thinks that in a left-hand turn accident, the party responsible is the one who took the turn. However, this may not be always the case. That is why victims should seek legal help from a good car accident attorney in Jupiter, FL.

The Danger of Left-Hand Turns

Drivers have been at an intersection, waiting in the left lane for either the on-coming traffic to pass or for their signal to turn yellow. This way, the waiting drivers can find a rare opening and make a swift turn. However, drivers on the other side who are approaching a yellow light at an intersection may think they can make it through to the other side before the lights turn red.

This can lead to many car accidents and tricky accidental injury claims. Because a left-hand turn is quite dangerous, a driver must have a decent judgment about car speeds and their vehicle’s size, as well as understand timings in terms of the yellow lights turning red. Without these requirements, a left-turning car and an oncoming vehicle from the opposite direction can collide.

Determining the Driver At-Fault in This Collision

Drivers who must make a left turn must patiently wait until all the oncoming traffic has passed or the lights have changed. Thus, the turning drive is assumed to be at fault in a left-hand turn accident. But, the determination depends on the specifics of the accident. The injured party should offer solid proof of negligence to seek compensation.

What to Do After a Left-Hand Turn Accident

If you have been in a left-hand turn accident and are not sure of your level of fault, you must consult a car accident attorney. The lawyer can break down the details of the accident, determine fault, assess possible liability, and advise on the best legal action you should take. After an accident, it is always important to file a police report and keep a copy of this. In Florida, any person involved in a car accident can file an injury claim in court four years from the date of the accident.

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