Online tutor guide: Effective ways to improve your online classes.

Grabbing someone’s attention and retaining it for a long time is probably the most difficult task in the world. And if you are a teacher, then you can understand it well how important it is to catch your student’s attention and maintain the quality so that the students don’t get diverted during the classes. Especially for the online tutors face a lot of difficulty in keeping the students engaged in the class because of not being physically present in the classroom. Maybe this is the reason you are searching for some effective ways to improve your online classes for your students. If this is the case, then you can find some really good tips for the same below.

  • Keep the video on — Online tutoring requires you to explain the concepts to your students and see to it that they understand everything even in the online classes. For this if you are not showing your face in the video and the students are not sure whether you are paying attention to them or not, then they don’t show that level of interest in the lectures. So, follow the first step of online tutoring, keep the video on so that you are interacting on one to one basis with your student and catching each and every action they do while they are attending your lecture.
  • Keep the lectures short and precise — Nobody likes long lectures and boring classes. Even for online tutors, keeping the lectures short is the biggest key to grasping the attention of the students. Make sure that you are lectures are crisp, short and very precise so that your students don’t get bored with the  lengthy matter you are providing them. If you think that you wont be able to finish the portion because of those short lectures you can keep them at regular intervals instead.
  • Try pitching your voice — This trick works especially with online tutors who are teaching younger students. Your friction in the voice also helps to grab the student’s attention and make your class interesting. Just like the kindergarten teachers have to try the different voice notes so that they can grab the attention of the kids, you can try the same and add a bit of expression in your voice to make it sound fun and interesting.
  • Record your lectures rather than live streaming them — Providing pre recorded lectures also helps online tutors a lot in maintaining the attention of the students in the classroom. It is because lots of students cannot attend the entire lecture and miss small bits and parts of the same. But if they have already viewed the pre-recorded lectures, it makes them easy to bridge the gap between both the lectures and then find whatever you are explaining interesting.
  • Use a good teaching app — Thanks to the pandemic, the online teaching have faced a drastic progress recently. There were lots of teaching apps that were developed and became free for the teachers to access for teaching purposes. We suggest, you scroll through the options and find the best teaching app for your support. There are a lot of features that you should look for like whiteboard, convenience of recording the lectures and then providing the link, sharing the screen easily, providing different interesting activities for the students, the security and so on. This will not only make your job easier, but will also add life to your lectures and keep your students hooked to them.


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