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Static code analyzer that uses sets of rules to identify problems within the software.
It detects things like duplicate code, dead code (unused variables, parameters or methods), method complexity (unnecessary ifs, etc.). It works mainly with the Java language, although, with less support, it also has rule sets for JavaScript, xsl and ecmascript.
Official page:
The license is: BSD

Check Style

Static code analysis tool used to verify that the analyzed code complies with a series of style rules. Example, it parses the code according to the “Sun Code Conventions” standard (see headers, package imports, Javadoc, etc.).
Official page:
Works for Java.
The license is: GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1


A free and open software tool that allows you to manage the quality of the source code.
By installing it, we will be able to collect, analyze, and view metrics from the source code.
Sonar is basically the amalgamation of the following Checkstyle and PMD tools, plus others like Findbugs, Clover, and Coverage.
It also makes a history of all the metrics of the project.
Allows you to view reports with summaries of the metrics.
Official website:
Works mainly for Java.
Although it supports, thanks to the extensive plugin library (some paid), the following languages: ABAP, C, Cobol, C #, Delphi / Pascal, Flex / ActionScript, Groovy, JavaScript, Natural, PHP, PL / SQL, Visual Basic 6, Web and XML. The license is: LGPL.

Google CodePro Analytix

It offers an environment for code evaluation, metrics, dependency analysis, code coverage, unit test generation, etc. Look at the exceptions, potential refactorings (I’ll leave you a refactoring post), JavaDoc conventions, metrics, etc. Available as an Eclipse plugin.
Official page: It
works for Java, specifically in Eclipse.
The tool is free.


Tool to detect duplicate code (which is the greatest enemy of maintainability) in developments made with the languages: Java, C #, C, C ++, COBOL, Ruby, JSP, ASP, HTML, XML and Visual Basic.
Official website:
The license is free if its use is intended for OpenSource projects.

Optimyth Software

It offers the static code analysis functionality of your commercial product checKing in the cloud.
It can be tried for free and the prices are competitive.

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