Technical Movements in Rolex Pinkklao Watches

Rolex isn’t just one of the rare watchmakers with COSC-certified movements; the calibers they produce have proven time and again to be reliable.

Rolex Pinkklao (rolex ปิ่น เกล้า, which is the term in Thai) has been making what are generally believed to be the most reliable watch movements available for almost a hundred years. Rolex has produced a multitude of innovations and upgrades that have improved the reliability, accuracy, and high quality of their timepieces over the years.

The Design Of Rolex Movements

Reliability and long-term durability are hallmarks of Rolex timepieces. Rolex watches are crafted with the utmost care using only the finest materials, such as finely machined metal components and top-tier synthetic lubricants. Due to this meticulous attention to detail, Rolex movements remain precise and dependable even when tested to their limits.

Rolex movements are effortless to service and maintain because of their design. The modular design allows for easy part replacement or repair, which enables this to happen. This allows the watchmakers at Rolex to detect and fix any issues quickly, ensuring that Rolex watches will be accurate and reliable for a long time.

Both the build quality and aesthetic appeal of Rolex timepieces are second to none. Rolex movements often have perlage, circular graining, and Geneva stripes as finishing touches. Both the aesthetic value and the functional use of the movement are enhanced by these artistic coatings, which increase efficiency and decrease friction.

Timeless Rolex Mechanisms

Over the years, Rolex has released a plethora of legendary movements, each with its own set of advantages. A few of the most important ones are these:

  • Introduced in 1959, the Calibre 1575 is a self-winding mechanism. Its precision and longevity have made it a famous component of Rolex watches, most notably the GMT-Master.
  • Introduced in the year 2000, the Calibre 4130 is a self-winding mechanism. The Rolex Daytona uses it, and it’s renowned for being accurate and dependable.
  • An example of a self-winding movement is the Calibre 3135, which debuted in 1988. Its sturdy construction and pinpoint precision have made it a legendary component of the Rolex Pinkklao.
  • Introduced in 2015, the Calibre 3255 is a self-winding movement. The Rolex Day-Date uses it, and it’s renowned for its precision and cutting-edge technology.


Rolexr Pinkklao has a long and illustrious history of producing high-quality timepieces, and its movements have always been pioneers in this field. Rolex has, from its inception to the current day, persisted in developing and refining its movements to attain progressively more significant degrees of accuracy, dependability, and practicality.

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