Things You Need to Know Before Travelling to Bhutan on Your Own

In the time when everyone is looking for a place away from the noisy and deafening environment, a location where there are ultimate peace and fresh air, what can be a better choice than visiting Bhutan.

Bhutan, a place where mother nature reverberates every morning, the dense forest opens up the mouth to accumulate rainfall within their soil, mountains talk to each other and a place where human civilisation thrives. It will take a whole lot of time to understand the actual beauty of this country.

No one wants to miss the opportunity to watch the determined Buddhist monks carrying out their daily chores and outstanding training practices, which can drive your mind crazy. After all, the country is popularly known for Buddhism and traditional practices carried out after the teaching of the only mystical human being, ‘Buddha’.

Surrounded by the gigantic Himalayan mountains touching the seven sky, Bhutan is located on the edge of eastern Asia, and the boundaries stretch from the northern hemisphere, which gives the distance of 1,136 km approx.

Are you planning a trip to the captivating valley of Bhutan? Well, then you must know the basics like the history of this nation, the best climate to visit and more on to get the remarkable experience of this country.

Let us dive into it.

  • Visa requirements for tourist who are travelling alone

The policies drafted by the central government of Bhutan for travellers is quite rare and unseen. Consider yourself lucky enough if you are staying in the nearby nations which share a border with this country.

Yes, if you reside in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and even the Maldives, then you do not require such a visa or passport. Although, a westerner or a traveller living out of the box of this list has to get the right type of visa. Sometimes because of some reasons, you may not get approval from the embassy.

Here is a bit of expert advice; why not try getting the Indian, Bangladeshi or Maldivian passport? The laws and regulations suggest that if an outsider is having the passport of one of these three countries, then it is equivalent to the value of the actual visa.

Although, the reason why this nation is still in the category of an underdeveloped country can help you get a tourist visa instantly.

  • Rules for a traveller

Bhutan is considered to be a unique country when it comes to making a law that none of the other political nations has ever thought about before. There are certain jurisdictions and laws established especially for the traveller while they are journeying throughout the country.

One of these rules strictly prohibits the act of damaging the environment and natural beauty. It does not matter whether you are a citizen or a traveller. The rules are uniform for everyone who had stepped upon the soil of their territory.

Apart from this, if you have a habit of whipping, smoking, drinking or taking any type of addictive substances, then better stay away from reach of the local police of this country. Yes, there is a ban on consuming drugs, cigarettes and alcohols.

Of course, you can’t find these items in the local markets publicly.

Last but not least, disrespecting and engaging in a fight with traditional people and monks is forbidden. Above all, they are not like royal guards, with whom you can mess. Moreover, hurting someone’s religious belief or damaging religious sentiments is considered a biasing activity. A person caught breaking the laws will be imprisoned or is supposed to pay the payment.

After all, it’s better to follow the rules rather than getting behind bars.

  • An economically stable place to visit in Bhutan

Everyone is looking for a developed country where they can spend their peaceful time with their partners, family members and how can we forget friends? It is a fact that countries lying in the southern part of Asia content, including Bhutan, lacks the necessary economic growth.

According to many publishing houses, the human development index of Bhutan is positioned to be 129 out of 180 global countries. Well, looking at this, almost anyone can tell that the citizens of Bhutan are still having a shortage of fundamental needs and basic requirements.

But still, some tourist destinations show the outcome of economic activity in a better way if compared to the other states of this nation. It would sound very annoying and funny for an average American to stay in hotels without an electric supply. Well, these situations are very common for the nationals as well as those who have visited Bhutan.

So, selecting the right destination for your visit is important. There are many Bhutan places to visit which non or less most of the travellers who are travelling alone love to visit towns, like Paro, Jakar, Thimphu (the capital of Bhutan) and more on. The Paro Bhutan sightseeing is one of the most popular in the nation.

  • Travelling method 

There is no surprise that Bhutan has only one international airport, which is currently operational in the city of Paro. In such situations, travelling might get more difficult, and the tourist has to think twice before getting the flight tickets. Who knows the ticket for the flight you have purchased is never going to land on the one-lane runway of Bhutan’s only international airport?

Moreover, the countries roadways and highways are still in poor conditions and demands for maintenance. Although, there is no national highway in this country. Due to these circumstances, it is not possible to travel in the remotest regions where the actual beauty lies in this country.

If you are thinking of railways, then check your idea again because there is not a single rail line.

Bhutan lacks the proper transport system does not matter through which was.

Many tourists consider booking a ferry boat as the only option. Do not worry. Anyone can book a ferry or get a ferry ride at a very low cost. Although, the government is taking steps to improve the tourist transport ways. At the current time, one can get into a chopper and ride the valleys of Bhutan easily.

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