Urinary Tract Infections: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

UTIs are common among women and often require a urogynecologist to deal with them. UTIs are caused by germs, which irritate the urinary tract, making you feel uncomfortable, especially when you want to pee. You can get rid of them by finding a Bedford Park urogynecologist. Not only will you find a solution for your UTI with a urogynecologist, but also you will find more tips to avoid the issue recurring in the future.

Why do women have UTIs?

Bacteria are the main reason for UTIs, which find their way into the urinary tract. Once in there, they overwhelm the body defense system, making them multiply in numbers. The multiplication continuous into the bladder and sometimes the kidneys. A UTI can be painful for anyone who has it, but it can be especially painful for women because of how close the urethra is to the anus and vagina. Women may also experience pain when they urinate or have a bowel movement because the infection can spread to these areas.

What are the symptoms of UTI?

A burning feeling when you want to urinate and an increased urge to do the same at night characterize most UTIs in both women and men. The urge continues through the night, waking you up several times to pee. You might also feel an urgency anytime you want to pee and have some difficulties holding the urine in your bladder. Men who have UTIs may experience pain or discomfort in their abdomen and genitals, fever, or blood in their urine. Other symptoms of a UTI include:

  •         Pressure when passing urine
  •         Strong odor when passing urine
  •         A continuous urge to pee
  •         Cloudy urine

What treatments can help deal with UTIs?

The first line of treatment for UTIs is antibiotics. Your doctor will encourage you to complete the entire course, which destroys all the bacteria. Water is another therapy that helps flush bacteria out of the urinary tract. However, when you have repeated infections, you will need other examinations to check the structural integrity of your urinary tract. Denise Furlong, MD, will make several scans, check on the nature of your urinary tract, and correct all the issues.

Why have prompt appointments for UTIs

Late diagnosis of UTIs presents more intense symptoms such as back pain, fever, and chills. Lower back pain is an indication of an infected kidney.

What can you do to prevent UTI reinfections?

Drinking a lot of water can help deal with bacteria in the urinary tract. You can also desist from holding back the urge to urinate. A consultation with Denise Furlong, MD, soon can also help you deal with future infections much faster. It is also advisable to complete the course of your antibiotics to clear away all the bacteria to prevent reinfection.

UTIs are a challenging issue, especially for women. You should have them checked as soon as possible to prevent the bacteria from reaching other places in the body. Call Chicago Center for Women’s Health if you have any symptoms of UTI or make a booking online to have a chance with Dr. Furlong.

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