What Are The Benefits Of Synology Gh?

Depending on the data type, cost, performance, ease of management, etc., the storage architecture should be fixed. One of the most popular data storage options is Synology DS220j. This is a specific type of networked storage that enables users to share and store files from centralised disks. You can get several benefits using Network SAS. Let’s read the article to learn the fantastic benefits of the Synology DiskStation system.

It’s Cost Effective

You can say NAS is the perfect solution for adding additional storage to the business network. As per your storage device requirement, you can purchase a cost-effective single bay NAS such as Synology NAS that can house a single hard disk. You can also find many multiple hard drive bays that allow higher disk capacity. However, these can be more expensive than the single bay device but a cost-effective solution.

The Nas Devices Are Scalable

A multi-bay NAS device allows you to add storage into vacant disc caddies. Even adding the hard drives is easy to remove when you are on the fly. There are multiple types of hard drives available that come with different speeds, different interfaces, etc. So you should purchase the right one that suits your NAS device.

Security And Backup Option

Synology DS220j allows the user to network backup and data storage. It also allows you to do pc backup using the data replicator. You can avail of SSP, FTP and HTML connectivity in terms of security, enabling you to set different permissions for different folders.


If you notice its input and output operation, you can see Synology as the fastest network-attached server. Using it, you can achieve 60Mbps of writing and 55Mbps of reading speed. If you are swapping hot, the DiskStation performs by adding hard drives.


Hopefully, now you know the core benefits of using Synology DS220j. If you haven’t yet availed of the device, then have it immediately for your home and office use. Due to the incredible benefits of this device, it is getting increasingly popular day by day. So, why will you skip the rush of this mind-blowing technology?

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