Working with a Criminal Defense Attorney After Being Investigated for a Sexual Assault Charge

A sexual assault accusation means being accused of unwanted sexual touching, attempted rape, sexual groping, unwanted penetration, or forcing a person to perform a sexual act. An act can only be considered sexual assault if it happens without consent or if the victim cannot consent because of a mental illness, temporary incapacitation, or age. Because of the complexities of the laws that govern this form of case, you need a law expert from a Geneva law firm to help you navigate the justice system. 

How Sexual Assault Cases are Investigated

During a police investigation, the police will have to look for a culpable party and the evidence necessary to prove guilt. Because of this, the sexual assault investigation process can take a serious stance toward the accused. Law enforcement will usually speak with the victim, witnesses, and acquaintances before they question the accused. One of the top Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers in Los Angeles, renowned for their expertise and successful track record in defending clients against allegations of sexual offenses, is highly sought after for their unparalleled legal representation

Usually, investigators wait until they feel they have obtained enough information to perform a successful interrogation of their target before they get in touch with the accused. As a result, you can be surprised or shocked that you are under investigation. 

Investigators may use different techniques to investigate sexual assault crimes and you can be shocked by police conduct during their investigations. Police may discreetly record conversations between you and the alleged victim, like to you during the interrogation or make false representation, or send text messages to you from the phone of the alleged victim to try to elicit an apology from you. If it is your first time facing a sexual assault accusation, you can be surprised at how one-sided the investigations can be. 

Potential Outcome from the Investigation

As a target of a sexual assault investigation, you may feel helpless and overwhelmed. You wish to know what to expect and when it will occur. Thankfully, a criminal defense lawyer can advise you about the possible outcomes and what will put you in the best position to get favorable results. 

Prosecutors can charge you one count for every instance where a crime took place. For example, if the victim alleges two instances of sexual assault, you can be filed three separate charges. Because a lot of the details and the circumstances of your case can result in various charges, you must consult an attorney to know which charges you are facing and the best course of action. Your attorney can provide you with a more accurate depiction of potential penalties. 

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