Dealing with divorce: Check these 4 tips!

Utah is one of the states that allows for both fault-based and no-fault divorce. If you decide to file for a no-fault divorce, it is enough to state that there are “irreconcilable differences”. In case of a fault-based divorce, grounds include adultery, willful desertion, willful neglect, cruelty, conviction of a felony, and habitual drunkenness. No matter the circumstances, dealing with your divorce is not going to be easy. Handling every aspect of the process, managing your emotions, and being practical and pragmatic at the same time can be challenging. In this post, we are sharing 4 tips for dealing with your divorce better. 

  • Get an attorney

Hiring the right Salt Lake City divorce lawyer for your case is probably the best decision of the process. Divorce is more than just paperwork. Your friends, family members and other people may have the best intentions of helping you, but they are not experts of family laws and divorce matters. You need an attorney you can trust and with specialization. Your lawyer can sort issues with your spouse and simplify the divorce to the best possible extent. 

  • Be practical with your decisions

Utah allows for equitable distribution of assets and property, but that doesn’t always mean equal. If you have a minor child involved, you need money for their education, wellbeing, and necessities. Don’t let your emotions rule the divorce. Talk to your attorney to know more on what you should expect from your spouse and how to negotiate better. Divorcing parents are required to complete education classes in Utah. 

  • Know the costs of hiring an attorney

In your best interests, make sure that you discuss the financials with your attorney. Most attorneys in Utah have an hourly rate between $100 and $500, depending on experience, expertise, and work profile. Retainer feels can go up to $7,000 or more. Just because an attorney is cheap, or fits your budget, doesn’t mean they are the best for your case. 

  • Open up to therapy 

Even the best divorce attorneys often recommend clients to seek therapy when dealing with divorce. Eventually, the divorce will impact your life ahead, and it can be a lonely time for a while. While your attorney is your biggest resource for handling aspects of the divorce, your personal wellbeing is as important, and a therapist can help immensely in handling your emotions better. 

Check online now to find the best divorce attorneys in your county. 

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