Dental Emergencies That Cause Facial Pain 

Facial pain is something that we all have to deal with from time to time, and whether it is a pounding headache, a persistent toothache, a painful jaw, or something else completely, it can be pretty unpleasant. But how can you recognize when your condition requires immediate medical attention? Here are some of the most prevalent causes of face discomfort and how to tell if your case requires a visit to a Manhattan, NY dentist

What causes facial pain? 

Some causes of face discomfort are considered dental emergencies. Among them, the most prevalent are as follows.

Dry socket 

Have you had a tooth extracted recently? If this is the case, the discomfort in your face might be due to a dry socket. The latter happens when a blood clot fails to form correctly at a site of extraction. As a result, adjacent nerves and bone tissue become vulnerable to external stresses.

The signs of a dry socket are straightforward. They often include chronic pain following a tooth extraction, blood clot loss, and poor or foul breath. If you have all three of these symptoms, you should immediately see your dentist.

TMD or Temporomandibular joint disorder 

When the joint that connects your jaw to your skull is damaged, it can result in severe discomfort. These problems are known as temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD). You may have TMD if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Limited jaw mobility
  • Pain or discomfort in or around your jaw
  • A misaligned bite
  • Clicking sounds when opening or closing your jaw

Dental abscess 

Simply put, a dental abscess is an infection of the delicate insides of your tooth – its pulp. It usually happens when bacteria reach the nerves of your teeth due to decay, gum disease, or injury. In general, the following are the signs of an abscessed tooth:

  • Gum tissue that becomes red or swollen
  • Sensitivity in the tooth or gums
  • Persistent throbbing or chewing pain
  • A moderate fever
  • Bitter taste in your mouth 

Is your facial pain a dental emergency? 

There is no easy response since each circumstance is unique; face discomfort can sometimes be readily treated, while other times, it will necessitate immediate medical attention. But, in any event, it is critical to understand that postponing adequate treatment will always worsen matters. Even if your discomfort appears little, it should be treated since large issues frequently start small, and early detection is critical to addressing the problem before it becomes serious.

Once the source of the problem has been determined, your emergency dentist will take immediate action to restore normalcy. Your smile is too essential to suffer unnecessarily; it gives you and everyone around you confidence and joy, so consult your dentist immediately! 

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