How to Handle US Customs When You Import E-commerce Products?

E-commerce is rapidly growing and is one of the fastest-growing business models in the world. Every country has its own customs rules and regulations when it comes to import and export, and The US is not an exception. There are several policies made by the CBP or the US Customs and Border Protection which the e-commerce sellers need to follow before their products can arrive at the airport for a seamless import facility. Here are some steps that you can follow while importing into the US for your e-commerce products. 

  • Know the laws: It is wiser to educate yourself beforehand about the laws and regulations of the country where you’re importing into. Without researching and knowing, you may find yourself in trouble and might have to deal with heavy tariffs and unnecessary extra fines. The US has much stricter laws around products imported from China. This is why you need to know what you can import in the country and what you cannot. 
  • Co-operate with your export company: It is very important to build a good and strong relationship with your manufacturer, seller, and distributors in the export country. This ensures compliance and helps to provide a seamless supply of goods. They should be able to advise you around the laws of their export products which you can then crosscheck with the regulations in the US. 
  • Get the right paperwork ready: The most common factor that causes trouble at the airport while importing is wrong or defective paperwork. In order to clear customs, you need to prepare the necessary paperwork needed to bring your product to the country accompanied by any applicable fees and tariffs. Documents like copies of appropriate memorandums, permits, packaging lists, cargo control documents, customs bonds, certification of origin, bill of lading, inward cargo manifest, and the shipment list should be presented to the CBP for review. If you are importing food materials related to personal care and beauty, then you need to correctly fill all the forms for the FDA.

  • Get a trusted Customs Broker: This is more of a solution than a step; that is to hire a trusted internationally renowned customs broker for all your imports. Customs broker will manage all the documentation needed for your imports and can guide you through the customs process. They can also provide sound advice regarding your imports. 

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