How to Make Your Rental Property More Attractive to Renters

Every rental property owner should know the importance of proactive action to have a successful rental business. Such action is especially essential in terms of upkeep and upgrades. Good property management in Pasadena, CA includes focusing on making the property as aesthetically attractive as possible to possible renters. Here’s how this can be done:

Upgrading the Kitchen and Bathroom

A kitchen and bath upgrade will boost the value of a rental property. Such an increase may apply to the value of the property on the market and what the owner can realistically charge for it every month. When looking for properties to rent, renters look for one with a modern kitchen and a sleek bathroom. 

Bathroom upgrades can be as simple as having new faucets, fixtures, glass, or tiles. Meanwhile, the kitchen needs to be functional and has all the important appliances any resident will need.

Investing in Energy-Efficiency Upgrades

Keep in mind that renters will pay for the utility costs of your property. And no person will ever want a property where they have to face exorbitant gas or electricity bills every month. If you don’t want to drive out a good renter, focus on energy-efficiency upgrades such as adding attic insulation, ensuring the HVAC systems are maintained regularly, as well as installing weatherstripping around doors and windows. If you want to appeal more to your renters, a prepaid electricity plan ensures they have control over the electricity usage as they can see electricity costs in real-time.

Ensure you highlight these upgrades when you market your property. If you want to changes the design of your doors and want to look for ideas, you can check out

Upgrading the Front Yard

If you want your property to make a good positive impression, you must improve the look of the front yard and its landscaping. Make sure there is no overgrown grass and messy bushes as this might send the wrong message to visitors. To make your property always show-ready, consider swapping high-maintenance grass, plants, and trees, out for low-maintenance, slow-growing varieties. 

Hiring Professionals

No matter how capable you may think, sometimes it is best to leave things to the pros. Aside from property management, these things include electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and installation work. Professionals will get the job done right the first time, preserving your property’s value and avoiding further problems down the road. You will never want to get a call from your renters just months after they sign the contract about a leaking pipe in the bathroom. 

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