Private Investigator Surveillance During a Personal Injury Claim Has Limitations

Following a car accident, you may feel you are always being watched. If you get a surprising friend request on social media or notice a stranger following you around, a private investigator may be motoring your activities. Often, when insurance companies handle your car accident claim, they will send out a private investigator to damage your credibility. If an investigator’s surveillance efforts are making you uncomfortable, consult your boise idaho auto accident lawyer regarding your legal rights. 

What Insurers Do to Monitor You

Your credibility can affect your accident claim’s value and validity. If the court believes you are not being truthful about your symptoms and your limitation level, they may not rule in your favor. Insurers know this and look for evidence to damage your credibility. 

When private investigators keep watch of you, they can use electronic surveillance, stakeouts, tracking, and stationary technical surveillance. Often, they use at least two of these options at the same time to make sure they have near-constant surveillance. 

What to Do If You Have Been Watched

Remember that insurance providers do not use surveillance in all injury claims they handle. Just because you filed a claim against an insurance company for your accident-related injuries does not mean you should keep yourself from the public eye. But, you can protect yourself by following the following rules:

Always Provide Honest and Accurate Information

Whether you fill out a form or talk to your physician, you need to provide them with accurate and honest information. Thus, you should not overstate your symptoms, make assumptions regarding your injuries, or give inconsistent statements. Rather, it is in your best interest to stick to the facts without sharing too much.   

Always Follow the Restrictions of Your Physician

Despite your injuries, you still have to maintain your house and care for your family. So, you may find yourself getting caught up on household chores and errands. However, insurers may use footage of these instances to try to damage your credibility.  Thus, even if you feel great and capable of doing something, try to stick to your physician’s restrictions to avoid more consequences beyond being caught on camera. Also, pushing yourself too much can reaggravate your injuries. 

Be Aware of Your Privacy Rights

Typically, private investigators can keep track of your activities without your consent, there are things they should not do. For instance, they cannot record you while you are in private areas of your house like the bedroom, bathroom, or living room without your consent. Also, it is illegal for them to open your mail or hack into your accounts. They always need your consent if they wish to enter your property. Harassing or threatening you is illegal. 

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