Top Tips for Refrigerator Maintenance

Do you realize that your refrigerator is the hardest-working appliance in your home? A refrigerator works every day and every season. It is necessary to maintain this appliance so that it can work better. The average life span of a refrigerator is about 10 to 18 years, but the working quality depends on how well you maintain it. If you want to know how to maintain refrigerators then you are at the right spot. In this blog, we will suggest top tips for fridge maintenance. Continue reading to learn more.

Top Tips to maintain refrigerators

The refrigeration maintenance checklist below will help you get the optimum fridge performance.

Keep the doors close

The fridge will keep its inside temperature more stable if the doors are closed. If you leave the doors open for an extended period, the refrigerator loses its temperature and must work harder to return to a cold state. This eventually leads to poor performance and exorbitant power expenditures.

Set the right temperature

It is necessary to set the right temperature for your refrigerators. Several factors affect the temperature, but the ideal temperature for the fridge is around 4 degree Celsius and 0 degree Celsius for the freezers. It is important to know the temperature of your surrounding areas before setting the temperature for your fridge.

Clean the condenser coil

The condenser coil is the heart of refrigerators as it helps in releasing heat. It is very common for the condenser coil to pick up dirt and debris. But, if the coils are left dirty, it can pose a serious issue for your fridge. To keep it clean, you can use a cloth to wipe the dirt off. This will help you save from unwanted repair costs.

Frost and defrost frequently

Freezers work continuously, as a result of which ice accumulation takes place. Too much ice in the freezer compartment is a waste of energy and can lower the performance too. It is important to defrost the freezer once you notice an accumulation of enough ice or you can do it every alternative weekend.

Keep enough distance between the fridge and the wall

Whenever you place the fridge against any wall, remember you keep at least a 1-inch distance, this will help the fridge to dispense heat properly. Keeping little or no space between the fridge and the wall will cost you unnecessary repairs. If your fridge has condenser coils at the back then it is of utmost importance to keep enough gap.

Cool down the food before keeping it inside

Keeping hot and steaming food inside will increase the inner temperature, as a result of which the fridge works harder to maintain the right temperature. This will decrease the performance and life span of the fridge. So, take a few minutes, let the food cool down to a normal temperature and then place it inside.

Keep a check on the gasket

A gasket is a rubber sealing that prevents cold air to escape from the fridge.  Air can leak out of microscopic gaps when gaskets become ineffective. On the other hand, the muck or food residue on the seals may be preventing them from sealing correctly, allowing air to escape. To prevent unnecessary consumption of bills, keep a check on the gaskets and replace them with new ones if needed.

Final words

To ensure effective operation refrigerators must be maintained. If you believe your refrigerator is not working properly, use the suggestions above. With these techniques, you can get the most out of your refrigerator. So, read the full post to save money on unneeded repairs!

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